Schoolboy in Disgrace

As the years wore on from early childhood to school age, it felt as if I was only going through the expected linear time-line motions. I had no other choice but to keep out the sail and pray for calm weather. It didn’t come.

From an early age, I always felt a bit of an outcast. Well, at least I wasn’t like one of my fellow first-graders, Russell. He was a drooling idiot that had his desk placed next to the teacher because he couldn’t keep his shit together. He promptly took his Crayola’s and tagged up her desk with nonsensical markings. The teach was a hot piece too – my first adult female crush in fact. I reckon that is where I developed my affinity for take charge, no nonsense broads. She abused her authority though. Consequently, I had to deny her my pre-pubescent meatsicle.

The government school I went to was ratcheted down to teaching the slowest kid in the room, so my mind would wander plenty. I turned into a bit of a discipline problem. As a result, the psycho, frizz-haired, cunt-face, assistant principal would have to take a paddle to my ass. I developed gluteal muscle tightening techniques to deflect the severity of the blows. She used to tell me not to clinch up, but that directive wasn’t in the handbook bitch!

Despite a few exceptions, I played it pretty straight until junior high. When I hit the teens, life began to get a bit complicated. I had hooked up with a new set of mates, most of them were at least two grades ahead of me. At the time, I was what you would have called a skate rat. I spent most of my free time prowling the streets seeking my concrete jungle thrills. My mum accused me of being a “street urchin” for staying out late downtown.

All the freaks went downtown – the skinheads, the punks, the dopers, the old winos, the bumpkins, the whores, you name it. I didn’t give a shit about all that, I was there to shred. In fact, the skateboard probably kept me out of a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, I got side-tracked with other endeavors necessitating my isolation from my fellow members of society.

7 Responses to “Schoolboy in Disgrace”

  1. May 30, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    omg. paddled. so wrong at school. not that I do not believe in an ass whipping to shape up a brat ……….but you get the idea.

  2. 2 Manco
    May 30, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    Barngoddess: Paddles, beatings, humiliation. It doesn’t matter. The educational system is losing and has been losing the kids. The very structure of the educational system – a microcosmic rat race to suss out the “winners” and “losers” – is built for failure.
    It’s not about education, really. It’s about preparing and warping young minds to fit into the pockets of society. Some play the game, others don’t. The ones that do go on to lead, mostly, dull, meaningless lives within the confines of society, while the ones that don’t play the game are placed on the fringes of society where they thrive on their outsider status (the majority of creative and progressive people who move the world forward generally exist here) or die a slow, tragic death. Either way, there are very few winners when all is said and done. And the beat goes on.

  3. 3 c
    May 31, 2008 at 1:25 am

    i was told that competition would create growth in my older daughter when putting her in school at second grade. i did/do disagree wholeheartedly.

    Education has gone to piss because it is no longer about acquiring knowledge. It’s about No Child Left Behind and cramming classrooms and not recognizing that children learn in many different ways. School has also become about subduing exuberance, individuality and youth.

  4. 4 bestialboo
    June 1, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Nothing beats a good schoolroom paddling. I never got mine a a child, I guess that’s where all my problems started.

  5. 5 Manco
    June 1, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    No, I think your problems stem from more than a mere lack of paddling.

  6. June 1, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    barngoddess: I wouldn’t let my crumb-cruncher take a beating from no two-bit government bureaucrat – no fucking way jack.

    c: Right you are. The curriculum is dumbed down so the slow kids won’t feel uncomfortable and singled out. For the most part, government school is day care for parents who don’t give a damn about their children’s education – otherwise they wouldn’t be there. I know exceptions exist, blah, blah, blah.

    bestialboo: Yeah, you are just making up for it on the back end (no pun intended).

    manco: Your input is appreciated. For a hateful, mean-spirited, and insolent son of a bitch, every once in a while you have a reasonable opinion.

  7. 7 c
    June 1, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Oops Johnny!
    Maybe i didn’t express myself well, because, well no matter what, the kids who struggle also deserve the best education possible.

    i don’t think we’ve that to offer.

    My older daughter is dyslexic and though she does very well now (because she worked so hard and her parents helped her) she struggled so much- academically and even more so emotionally.

    i never would expect or want a class to lag behind due to my child’s need, but i need her teachers to work with me to meet her needs.

    i do agree that parents absolutely must be more involved in the education of their children. i am always involved. Of course it’s easier for me, as i am at home at this time. One of many things missing in our educational system, something that is really a foundational error, is the lack of critical thinking.

    i volunteer in my 8 year-old’s classroom and when the children don’t know the answer right away, they slam down their pencil and say, “I don’t get it.” i encourage them to think about it, read it over. “What about it don’t you understand?” i ask. But gosh! that gets me. i went to Catholic school with nuns and their rulers and withering glares. They didn’t give you crap. You had no choice but to think.

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