Become a FEMA Disaster Action Kid

Be it acknowledged that

I. P. Freely

has successfully completed the FEMA for

Kids official course of study and has

proven to be more knowledgeable about,

and better prepared for, all manner of

natural disasters

on this day, October 24, 2008

David Paulison
Acting Director
Federal Emergency Management Agency

You can become a FEMA Disaster Action Kid just like I did. Go to the FEMA kid’s website to get your free certificate and help to protect your family, friends, and neighbors from biological, chemical, nuclear, or terrorism-related disasters. Please kids, remember to call the police if you see any suspicious activity or suspect anyone of being anti-freedom or unpatriotic.

Here is a quick snippet of congressional testimony regarding the top secret FEMA continuity of government (COG) operation REX-84. It provided for the rounding up of political subversives, the suspension of the U.S. constitution, and the enactment of martial law. Citizens, the legislative branch, and the press aren’t allowed to ask questions about COG operations because to do so is unpatriotic and could help the terrorists.

[The Bush administration] denied the entire Homeland Security Committee of the United States House of Representatives access to their so-called detailed plan to provide for continuity of government. They say, trust us. Trust us, the people who brought us Katrina, to be competent in the face of a disaster? Trust us, the people who brought us warrantless wiretapping and other excesses eroding our civil liberties? Trust us? ~ Rep. Peter Defazio (D-Or) from the Congressional Record: August 2, 2007

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