The Commutation of Ramos and Compean


In an appeasement measure designed to repair Bush’s failed legacy with throngs of lobotomized Americans, the sentences of border agents Compean and Ramos have been commuted. The case was the cause célèbre of the xenophobic, far-right, hate Hispanics first crowd. Rarely were the facts discussed when the isolationist tard-muffins cried for the pardoning of these jury-convicted felons.

On Feb. 17, 2005, Aldrete-Davila led Border Patrol agents on a high-speed car chase that ended at a ditch about 120 yards from Mexico. Aldrete-Davila abandoned a van with 743 pounds of marijuana inside and made a dash for the border. Compean, on foot, intercepted Aldrete-Davila, who put his hands in the air to surrender. At that point, according to trial testimony, Compean tried to hit Aldrete-Davila with the butt of his shotgun, missed, and fell into the 11-foot-deep ditch. Aldrete-Davila took off running. Compean climbed out of the ditch, shot at him 14 times and missed. Ramos, who had watched Compean fall, then fired once. The bullet entered Aldrete-Davila’s left buttock, severed his urethra and came to rest in his right thigh. He fell down, but got back up, escaping across the Rio Grande into Mexico. The two agents then covered up the incident. Compean hid some of the shell casings and asked a third agent returning to the scene later that day to dispose of the rest. Neither Ramos nor Compean ever reported the shooting.

So, two agents of the U.S. government shot and wounded an unarmed man, tampered with the crime scene to conceal their criminal actions, and neglected to report the incident as required by law. The clamor for their release was predicated solely on the fact that the drug-smuggler was a Hispanic from south of the border. Had this incident occurred on the northern U.S. border with an unarmed Canadian suspect, these two men would not be household names.

According to the mentally deranged Bush Worldview, violent crimes perpetrated by government actors against brown-skinned individuals from foreign nations simply aren’t punishable. The wholesale slaughter of thousands of innocents and non-combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq are a testament to this perverse, anti-humanitarian, false concept of U.S. and international law exclusion.

Where was the Middle-America outrage at the routine unprovoked Blackwater mercenary bloodbaths, the U.S. military airplane bombing deaths of 45 Iraqi wedding participants, and countless other egregious displays of death and dismemberment courtesy of the Pentagon war machine? Too far from home I guess. Maybe the “War of Terror” dehumanization programming succeeded in reducing the value of human beings demonized by the Bushco./Neo-con propagandists.


The xenophobic seal-the-border crowd were whipped into an orgasmic hate-frenzy over the border agent “political prisoners” who, according to their degenerate assessment, did the American people a public service by shooting that dirty Mexican drug dealer. The media echo-chamber pummeled Americans daily with one-sided frothing at the mouth rhetoric clamoring for the border agents release (e.g., pseudo-journalists like Lou Dobbs). Of course the facts of the case were conveniently glossed over so as not to provide an objective account of the agents’ unlawful use of force, evidence tampering, and attempted cover-up.

The pervasive influence of the collective-stamped majority opinion is a powerful tool for the consensus trance engineers. Attitudes, opinions, and beliefs are extremely susceptible to manipulation by the Fourth Estate. The Government/Media complex has a vested interest in maintaining the fraudulent U.S. vs. Them idealogical divide. Without the shadow of an ever-looming enemy of the state, the political puppeteers find it much harder to legitimize abject criminality and senseless slaughter under the guise of U.S. moral superiority.

president-for-dummiesThe soon to be unemployed disgrace known as George W. Bush has once again demonstrated the hypocrisy and arrogance of American elitism by excusing another Executive branch crime.

As we move into a new political era on January 20 (and celebrate the passage into the Aquarian Zodiac station), the opportunities to reverse the disastrous course of America’s foreign and domestic policies are upon us. Let’s hope Obama rejects W’s pardon application when it hits his desk.

I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we’re really talking about peace ~ George W. Bush (June 18, 2002)

4 Responses to “The Commutation of Ramos and Compean”

  1. January 19, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    If you shot a drug smuggler in the butt, where I live, you wouldn’t get a prison sentence. One of your relatives would take you to a Cracker Barrel for a celebratory meal.
    The Intellectual Redneck

  2. January 20, 2009 at 9:34 am

    Everything is done a little bit different in West Virginia.

  3. 3 Manco
    January 20, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    The Intellectual Redneck. Perhaps the best Oxymoron I’ve ever come across.

    Kudos to you, shitheel.

  4. 4 dummidumbwit
    January 23, 2009 at 10:55 am

    A lot of my anti Egghead rants were an attempt to get the attention of the Joe sixpacks (if they exist) off the Poor/Illegals and onto the Huffingtons and Zakarias at the top, but I like Zakaria so it’s back to the strategic drawing board??? The Elite can defend itself better than the bottom of the spectrum.I’ll go have some grits at the Cracker Barrel and think it over.

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