Feminine Napkin Proponent Linked to Obama Assassination Plot


Diligent research conducted by the author has uncovered intriguing evidence regarding recent threats made against President Barack Obama’s life. Steven Joseph Christopher, 42, was arrested by the Secret Service in Mississippi and charged with threatening to assassinate the president for “the country’s own good,” according to federal prosecutors. Authorities assert that Christopher made these threats on January 11th and 15th through comments on the web site www.alien-earth.org.

alien-earth1sm1“Yes, I have decided I will assassinate Barack Obama. It’s really nothing personal about the man,” Christopher said. He indicated that he would “need a leak in the secret service to get a close up shot, somewhere close to the podium, since I’ve never fired a gun, so I need to an easy shot off.” In one comment, Christopher indicated that he did not own a gun and would need one donated. On the comment board, he complained of being ” stuck in Mississippi” and attempted to solicit monies for bus fare to Washington D.C.

While perusing a forum regarding the matter on http://www.alien-earth.org, I came across an interesting comment that sheds light on the individual who may have influenced Christopher’s decision to assassinate the president. Someone with the moniker “Anonymous Coward” had this to say about Christopher:

He did not start out being a racsist. He was not like that when I knew him. He met someone after that that fucked up his already fucked up thinking good, like that maxipad woman. Things just spiraled bad out of control when he hooked up with her. Fuck you maxi, go to hell and rot there bitch.


This mysterious “maxipad” woman may be the key to unraveling the impetus for Mr. Christopher’s actions. Hopefully, the Secret Service will pour all of their available time and money into investigating this hateful, racist woman and will be able to determine the extent of her involvement with Mr. Christopher’s foiled plot.

And I’m not racist either, my family is a little, but isn’t all Italian and european families? I mean how many times have you heard the word (racial slur) in the comforts of your home? ~ Steven Joseph Christopher

2 Responses to “Feminine Napkin Proponent Linked to Obama Assassination Plot”

  1. 1 dummidumbwit
    February 6, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    Oh Radiant Orb
    set me free

    Oh Celestial power
    let her be

    the heavenly alignment
    adjusts so that she

    In her menstrual agony
    stops yelling at me

    I wrote that in comments in another blog, but it seemed appropriate.

  2. 2 madmonq
    February 6, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    OK. This is fucking brilliant

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