An Excerpt from “The Magic of Chaos” by Peter J. Carroll


The rejection of any absolute external reality, truth or meaning may seem a paradoxical or even horrific principle on which to base a spiritual quest. I personally do not think so. Absolute truth would be absolute tyranny and historically it has always been. I would rather the freedom to forge my own spiritual vision. The evidence of my senses suggests that the universe is basically random within arbitrary limits which themselves arise capriciously. Reality is a hierarchy of accidents ruled by pure chance. Even so-called “scientific laws” are only statistical approximations describing the most persistent types of accident. I am free, not because freedom was conferred upon me but as a consequence of my being a purely accidental creation with random behaviour patterns.

Chaos Magic necessarily implies a certain individualistic antipoliticism or even anarchy. It is plainly an illusion that people are ruled by politics. People are ruled by philosophies and fashions, and it is from this higher level that Chaos Magic launches its attack on reality. To practice magic implies that you are actively seeking to forge your own spiritual viewpoint often in contradiction to cultural norms.

Magic arises to prominence when the boundary of self is either expanding or contracting. For example, during times of innovation and discovery, or during times of repression. A profound magical renaissance is now in progress because the boundary of self is both expanding and contracting simultaneously. Science, drugs, psychology, communications networks and all the paraphernalia of late twentieth century life have expanded aspects of awareness to a degree inconceivable a century ago.

Conversely, many aspects of industrial civilisation oppress us and hence encroach on the territory of self. The childish allegories of religion have been rightfully jettisoned but the whole principle of the self as a mystic entity has taken a body-blow in the process. The natural environment is being rubbished to feed the industrial behemoth and our capacity to relate to it is diminishing. As the pace of life becomes more frantic the value of introspection becomes diminished except in art where it is encouraged to become grotesque. Consumerism and the prospect of thermonuclear armageddon (which it seems must inevitably accompany it) could diminish us all. Thus with all these pressures on self, magic has mushroomed and taken on a colouration distinct from its historical antecedents. At once there is an extraordinary necrophilia and eclecticism and at the same time a powerful feeling for anachronistic practices. Quantum physics rubs shoulders with nature shamanism and Tantric practices are employed for parapsychological purposes involving telepathy experiments arranged by satellite link between home microprocessors whilst ancient goetic incenses smoke away on the mantlepiece in homemade braziers.

A renaissance is marked by the presence of renaissance people, and the contemporary magician is very much a renaissance figure in the sense that the term is usually taken to imply. Contemptuous of the conventions and paradigms of his age, he looks both backward and forward in time for techniques to circumvent them. Religion, and the neo-religious magic that fought it, are dead or dying.

Arise the Sorceror Scientist!

Source: http://www.philhine.org.uk/writings/ess_mach.html

11 Responses to “An Excerpt from “The Magic of Chaos” by Peter J. Carroll”

  1. 1 dummidumbwit
    March 17, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    Nice Post, does this mean the Palin slave concept is on hold? Happy St Patrick’s day!!!

  2. March 18, 2009 at 12:10 am

    Presently sussing it out dd. Sarah is someone who is near and dear to my heart, and one that I hope will rise to prominence on the national political stage. I am not naive, I know there are many who discount her capabilities and ridicule her missteps. She will surprise her critics.

    If you remember, Hillary Clinton failed the D.C. bar, and in a self-pitying mood, did violence to her feminist ideals by shuffling off to Arkansas to be Bill’s wife. Now look at her, a fat-ankled senior citizen cracker barely fulfilling the position that Condie (a proud Black woman) handled with ease.

  3. 3 dummidumbwit
    March 18, 2009 at 11:32 am

    I like em both for different reasons.This is an opinion and just for insight into how I see Palin trying to reconcile social conservatism with inclusiveness and I want her to have the space to see if she can come up with something better than the old Rove playbook, and she might.Back to an earlier discussion of relating to religion cerebrally or emotionally, The Assembly of God is the truest approach on the emotional level in my opinion, but I am a liberal Lutheran and we don’t speak in tongues and all that, but we do not discount it, it’s just not our way? So I watch her with interest as well as thinking she cute as a button.The Sorcerer Scientist is an interesting concept and I linked the source to my two brainiac buddies to look at. Chaos magic was an element in one of my favorite books, the Recluse series by L E Mordesett?

  4. 4 Manco
    March 19, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Dummi: Are you fucking kidding me? Draw a line in the sand you fucking coward. Why can’t people step to the plate and come to grips with the fact that no one in American politics right now is accessible?

    Dummi: Do you really think you could spend an afternoon with Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton and “get” where they’re coming from. Do ya? Really? You’re pond scum to these people. They smirk at your idiocy as they dismantle everything that has been built because they simply have no idea what they’re doing or how to fix anything or conserve anything or move anything forward. They’re fucking useless.

    I don’t have the answers, but that’s why I’m not running for office. I realize my inabilities when it comes to that. If only these people would come to grips with that themselves or, better yet, if the brainless fucking morons that make up this country would do it for them.

    What? Can’t do that! Idol’s on! Gotta go!

  5. 5 dummidumbwit
    March 19, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Well said Toby, HRC is from Arkansas as well as New York and the gyration on fair labor practices in New York being the home of Wall Street and Arkansas being the home of Wall Mart seem impossible to reconcile with some universal common truths in the matter. But HRC attacking Wall Mart in Arkansas would seem as politically suicidal as attacking all the dopes on Wall Street in New York would be, like grounds for summoning the men with the big butterfly nets.She’s also from Illinois where we think both the coasts are filled with nuts with no common sense and we produced Blagojevich and Obama. Being unable or unwilling to drink myself into a stuporous puddle of oblivion anymore, I just hope the strange devices of check and balances that the founders set up keep any one group of nuts from eliminating all the other nuts, until it is revealed to us which group of nuts aren’t really nuts but make sense.or 12/23/2012 when the polar axis shifts and I eat the cyanide pills that I still need to get a hold of somehow, being basically to chickenshit to shoot myself and probably unable to buy a gun anyway and I don’t think I’d make it to 12/23/2012 if I had a gun anyway? Thats the plan stall till 2012 and see what happens?

  6. March 20, 2009 at 12:23 am

    dd: Allow me to interject for a minute. I think you are enduring a punishing case of Hegelian dialectic political fever. The manufactured divisional carve outs (e.g., capitalist/labor, democrat/republican, conservative/liberal, coastal elite/flyover country, religious/agnostic[atheist],etc…] are arbitrarily contrived herding bloc mechanisms engineered to maintain a permanent state of electoral chaos. The enemy is not the gun-toting white separatist, the bow-tied republican, or the Ron Paul worshipping neo-Objectivist. The enemy is the Leviathan shitting on your personal liberties, bankrupting future generations, and engaging in neo-colonial war-mongering campaigns.

    This country was, and has always been, a colonial corporate outpost for the Old World merchant/banker oligarchy. The “founding fathers” revolutionary independence struggle was a myth designed to anaesthetize future generations from the horrors that would be perpetrated in this country’s name.

    In seems that you are more than willing to forgive Hillary’s duplicity in the name of political expediency. She has no core or center. She says whatever the donor and the potential constituent wants to hear. She is no different than the whole fuckin’ lot. Google Chris Dodd + AIG bonus + treasury department for a good laugh. Obama and his administration (which includes Treasury) claims that they had no idea that this language had been inserted (utter bullshit).

    Long story shirt dd – you been sold a bill of rotten arse goods. As long as you cling to this sinking ship (dialectical politics), I can’t pity you. I know you are long in tooth and this is all you got to rely on, but do a bit more research. Your comments have made me reconsider my impassioned Palin adoration. Can you do the same for Obama?

  7. 7 dummidumbwit
    March 21, 2009 at 7:46 am

    If he blows it out his arse, I won’t have much choice now will I? The proof of the pudding would be when I think about Obama,HRC,Ron Paul or Palin the same way I think about Dodd? Your vision appeals to certain sides of my psyche, but I’m still on the “Can’t we all get along” concept till for what ever reason to come I may change. Of all the people you listed, Ron Paul seems the most odd to include in the Leviathan, due to the fact that every time I listen to what he says he makes sense, and I’m only resisting him on unexplainable emotive (I think he’s anti labor, but they all are by you) grounds. So after Obama fails (Obama says don’t watch the Dow, which reverse psychology means watch the Dow), I’ll still be watching Palin from her end and Ron Paul from the angle that he’s trying to unite the Black Helicopter Right wingers and the Everything is a conspiracy lefties and anybody that does that would seem to be too different to be part of the Levitation, or as you will probably think the ultimate spokesperson for the “Bavarian Illuminati”? Uniting the Black Helicopter Righties and the Conspiracy lefties would be such a feat of candlepower that, one should almost bow down before that just on principle that some body’s gotta have more brains than our sorry asses? Almost, he’s working on the oddest angle, and makes me wonder and question myself the most, but you think he’s part of it too? He’s too different? His whole way of thinking is the most interesting, even if I’m not there yet, have you read much of Ron Pauls thoughts, that’s what scares me, the stuff that comes out of his own mouth makes too much sense sometimes.When the Dali Llama came over here, Pelosi and all them gave him a Gold medallion, and Ron Paul cited the Dali Llama’s beliefs on material things and the stupidity of a broke government blowing money out it’s butt on something that the Dali Llama was opposed to anyway and I thought, my God he’s right? So I’m thinking still thats one more thing to look at before advocating some Theocratic Fascism or Nihilistic Anarchism and revolution? Hopeless ain’t I? And Michelle Bachman is in many ways as cute as Palin, from the sentient wonder worm angle I usually operate on?

  8. 8 dummidumbwit
    March 22, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Or to simplify my ideas so Tobias can analyze them better, Michelle Bachmann is cute but wacko, Palin is cuter and needs to try winning w/o the Rove playbook, Obama is trying what I think will work in the sloppy middle of the road fashion getting hit from both the Far right and the Far Left. If this fails, HRC will try the same approach from slightly more to the right/center position and I look at what Ron Paul says with interest being logically unwilling to accept that he also is a front for the Bavarian Illuminati due to the fact that the Illuminati are anti Catholic and Ron Paul is Catholic? The rest of the lot may indeed be fronts for the Bavarian Illuminati for all I know? As to this post itself, It could be Illuminati influenced also?

  9. 9 Manco
    March 23, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    Dumass: I have zero interest in analyzing your gibberish. It would be an absolute waste of my time and energy. You’re like a million other sad strangers out there, lost in the tidal wave of humanity. There’s not much to figure out.

  10. 10 dummidumbwit
    March 23, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    So I will go back to throwing my ideas out in rough forn, no longer worrying about refining them to suit the electro-ejaculator of venomous jizzum??

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