Startling New Evidence Confirms Obama is a Muslim Terrorist

obamaWhile hoping to distract Americans with his post-Crusadal revenge assault on the European front during the G-20 conference, President Barack H-U-S-S-E-I-N Obama secretly opened a Halal food market in Brooklyn. Suspicions regarding his radical Islamic terrorist agenda to extend the Caliphate to the Christian shores of America have been sadly confirmed. How could we have been so blind? If only we had heeded the prophetic pre-election warnings from this wise four-wheeling Kentuckian.

1 Response to “Startling New Evidence Confirms Obama is a Muslim Terrorist”

  1. 1 dummidumbwit
    April 4, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    Don’t make me start up the GMC and come out there Peepers, I’m warning ya!!!I’ll bring me some water moccasins an put em in the sewers, sit on yer throne and contemplate that oh high and mighty one!!!

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