Tweaker.Org: A Helpful Web Resource for Gay Meth Addicts

I have been smoking meth for over 10 years.  I do not try to pretend that I ain’t hooked on the shit (see earlier post).  Some tweakers I know will swear up and down that they is through with Tina, only to find them sucking down domers behind a Taco Bell dumpster two days later. I have more or less reached a semi-healthy impasse where I smoke from Thursday night to Sunday around mid-day and then bust my ass working (crank-free) the rest of the week.

Sooner or later, chasing the “T” will get you in a crazy scene. Although I consider myself straight, I have engaged in a few bag-fag transactions when the situation demanded. Hanging with the fruitopian, rubber sheet, rompus room pounders reminded me why I prefer the mucousy fallopian stank chamber. Although Rick Santorum was well represented at these gatherings, he wasn’t getting no votes. I pity the poor little Tina twinks with their frail feminine hairless bodies getting pummeled by gut-buster deluxe sized masochistic bears. I did what I did out of necessity, but it don’t make me no poofter.

Anways, the point of the post is that I wanted to recommend a  wonderful resource for the Tina-fueled buggerers, rectal rambos, and dook-diggers out there on the scene. The web site is called Tweaker.Org and has a wealth of great risk-mitigation strategies for the homosexual tweakers. Below is their description of one of the more creative meth ingestion techniques:

Booty Bumping

How it’s done:
There are two ways this works.  In the first, think turkey baster!  With some acrobatics thrown in for good measure. The crystal is dissolved in water and a syringe without the needle is used to “bump” this solution of crystal into your butt hole. The other way is to push a small shard or a fingertip covered with powdered crystal into your butt.  Either way, the drug is absorbed by the blood vessels in the lining of the rectum.
Time to get off: about 3-5 minutes.
Things to watch out for:
If you bottom after booty bumping, you’re likely to have something besides your absorbent blood vessels and his big dick up your butt. You’re also gonna have an abrasive powder which can increase chances for internal abrasion and condom breakage. If there’s no condom on that dick,  the risk for abrasions both in your rectum and on his dick goes up. This increases the chance for exchange of blood. Damage to the mucous membranes that line your rectum, like burning or tearing, can put you at higher risk of giving or getting HIV and other STDs.
Strategies to reduce possible harms:
If you booty-bump and bottom make sure he has a condom on. Make sure you use clean water to dissolve the speed. Don’t share booty bump syringes – you could be sharing shit which could give you hepatitis, parasites or other diseases.
Meth is a helluva drug – Lois Griffin

1 Response to “Tweaker.Org: A Helpful Web Resource for Gay Meth Addicts”

  1. November 22, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Thanks for the info, Peeps. I shall cut, paste, print, and insert into my handy tips book! 🙂 Peace, Light and Love, C.

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