Manned Moon Mission Swindle Axed from NASA Budget

We certainly don’t need to go back to the moon ~ Obama administration official (source)

President Obama’s soon to be released budget proposal will withdraw funding for manned space missions to the Moon.  The Constellation Program, designed to “return” astronauts to the Moon by the year 2020 was announced by Obama’s villianous predecessor, George W. Bush. In place of the Constellation program, NASA will focus on the more realistic ten year goal of using “heavy-lift” rockets to explore low Earth orbit.

Obama’s decision to kill the Constellation program is most likely due to mounting public disbelief regarding the Apollo Program and the infeasibility of landing a man on the Moon, even with today’s technology.  Recent news reports exposing rampant cocaine abuse at the Kennedy Space Center undermined Americans’ faith in NASA mission capability. These critical factors, along with tax replacement revenue streams in the form of higher than expected yields from CIA Afghan opium harvesting operations and projected oil profits from future Haiti drilling efforts also likely aided in President Obama’s decision to gut the funding.

NASA space missions have been a reliable cash cow for decades for the purpose of  funding clandestine black budget programs. These parallel programs focusing on advanced weaponry and space militarization are bankrolled using billions of dollars funneled out of the official space program. The NASA space program is merely window dressing to justify the forcible extraction of huge sums from the American people in the name of space exploration. The military black projects financed through NASA are in direct contravention to the agency’s stated public mission to “Improve life here, To Extend life to there, and To find life beyond.”

American citizens have been increasingly skeptical about the Apollo Mission Cold-War psy-op.  In 1962, John F. Kennedy made a bold commitment to land a man on the Moon by the end of the decade. Miraculously, within a span of only seven years, this incredible scientific feat was ostensibly accomplished. In 2004, George W. Bush announced 2020 as the target date for a return manned Moon mission. Here, a nimble application of Occam’s razor is in order. Are we to believe that 40 years after the original Moon landing it would take more than twice as long (16 years) to recreate this achievement? Given Moore’s Law, RAW’s Jumping Jesus Phenomenon, and the 15+ billion dollars dedicated to the effort annually, it is inconceivable that the Luna reunion would take so long.

Our noble leader is not willing to deceive the American people with the false promise of a future manned Moon missions. Nor is he willing to fund the black budget by pillaging the citizens under the pretext of faked space exploration adventures. George W. Bush’s disingenuous con, the Constellation Program, preyed on our national aspiration to reach the stars and beyond. The inauguration of President Obama marked an emerging era of transparency and open government. Please pray for our leader to fulfill his campaign promises and to restore faith in the American exceptionalism model.

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