Tax Day Plea: U.S. National Security Dependent on Timely Filed IRS Returns

This is a direct appeal to anyone who reads this. Please file your tax return by tomorrow’s deadline (April 15th). Ensuring that the State is adequately funded is a civic, legal, and moral duty for every U.S. citizen. The U.S. Treasury is facing the threat of severe under-funding due to the current economic meltdown, corporate offshore tax havens, and greedy deadbeats who refuse to fulfill their end of the social contract.

The safety and security of Americans home and abroad is strengthened when patriotic and responsible citizens fulfill their legal obligations under the I.R.S. tax code. The criminal reprobates who refuse to pay taxes selfishly place our country in great risk from the threat of aggressive nations, state-sponsored terrorists, and rogue Islamic jihadist murderers who hate Americans for our multitudinous freedoms and liberties.

How might your failure to pay taxes put millions of Americans home and abroad in peril? Military spending accounts for 53% of the U.S. budget. Therefore, when you fail to pay your taxes, the world for Americans becomes less safe by more than half. Here are some concrete examples of how military spending protects you and your fellow citizens from those that hate you and your way of life.

  • MILITARY SPENDING FIGURES – U.S. military spending for FY08 was $623 billion compared to the $500 billion aggregate military spending of all other countries combined. Under President Obama’s wise leadership, $708 billion has been requested for FY11 (which will make the U.S. about 13% safer than three years ago).
    • Since the U.S. spends more on military spending than all other countries combined, this guarantees that if all other countries conspire to attack us at once, they will be destroyed.
    • Although President Obama’s nuke reduction bluff will decrease the stockpile of atomic weapons in foreign nations, increased annual military spending acts as an insurance policy against emerging WMD technologies that the Asians are probably developing.
  • IRAQ WAR – The CBO estimates that by 2017 total costs for the War in Iraq could reach $1.9 trillion dollars (partially due to interest from debt financing).
    • Iraq is teeming with angry Muhammadists (due to the +1 million civilian war casualties) and a fragile government that will likely never achieve self-governing stability.
    • Ongoing military presence in Iraq will protect continuous petroleum supplies for the U.S. and global markets by safe-guarding BP and Dutch Shell drilling and refining operations and by derailing irresponsible nationalization efforts.
    • The continuing occupation of Iraq will act as a safeguard against attempts to reinstate their WMD program, torture facilities, and rape rooms.

    Below: What happens to bad people in Iraq who defy U.S. military personnel

  • AFGHANISTAN WAR – The total cost of the Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom) is roughly $300 billion dollars. President Obama’s recent brave decision to ramp up the war by sending 30,000 additional troops (and 56,000 disposable contractors) sends an unmistakable message to the terrorists that America will never lose its resolve in the War of Terror.
    • Continuing Afghan operations will ensure that Osama bin Laden, and his fellow cave people conspirators responsible for the 9-11 attacks, will eventually be brought to justice.
    • Military incursions and random drone bombings in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region will dissuade potential Islamic radicals from choosing terrorism as a career option.
    • U.S. military presence in the country will generate friendly relations in Central Asia by ensuring the Trans-Afghanistan Oil Pipeline (TAP) meets its 2014 construction deadline.
    • Success in the War in Afghanistan will guarantee that the World will respect (and fear) our country when they see that America succeeded where Alexander the Great and the Soviets failed miserably.
    • U.S. military presence in Afghanistan provides security to opium harvesting operations. This will promote goodwill among international drug cartels, pharmaceutical corporations, junkies, and pain-ridden recipients of opiate prescriptions.

    • The Department of Defense owns over 600,000 individual buildings and structures, at more than 6,000 locations, on more than 30 million acres.
    • An estimated 1,000 of these military installations are in foreign countries (potential enemies).
    • Over 250,000 active duty military personnel are deployed in 135 countries (out of 195 countries in the World). Until 100% global U.S. military saturation is achieved, the 60 unoccupied countries pose a potential grave threat to national security.

Please do the right thing on April 15th. The survival of future generations of Americans hinges on your willingness to contribute to the defense of this great nation. If you choose to avoid this obligation, you will be hunted down, criminally charged, and imprisoned like the vile scum that you are.

1 Response to “Tax Day Plea: U.S. National Security Dependent on Timely Filed IRS Returns”

  1. February 10, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Dear Dillsnapcogitation,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, No immature, Cuts throughout the board solutions pleas.

    I think that both morally and fiscally Social Security and Medicare are off restrictions because they have their personal individual taxes and the deliver in a surplus most suitable now that the authorities is borrowing from instead of offering bonds to th manifeste. But you could see it differently but bear in mind you will have to make up the variation with your dads and moms.

    The 2010 Funds
    Out of three.five trillion only one.four trillion is discretionary and the govt will only just take in two trillion and appear at what is discretionary.

    The following is the discretionary portion.
    $663.seven billion ( twelve.7%) ? Department of Protection (as well as Abroad Contingency Operations)
    $78.seven billion (-1.7%) ? Dept of Wellbeing and Human Products and services
    $seventy two.5 billion ( two.8%) ? Section of Transportation
    $52.five billion ( ten.3%) ? Section of Veterans Affairs
    $51.7 billion ( 40.9%) ? Section of State and Other Global Applications
    $forty seven.5 billion ( eighteen.five%) ? Office of Housing and City Advancement
    $46.7 billion ( twelve.eight%) ? Dept of Training
    $42.7 billion ( 1.two%) ? Office of Homeland Stability
    $26.3 billion (-.4%) ? Section of Electrical power
    $26. billion ( eight.8%) ? Office of Agriculture
    $23.nine billion (-6.3%) ? Section of Justice
    $eighteen.seven billion ( 5.one%) ? National Aeronautics and Area Administration
    $thirteen.eight billion ( forty eight.4%) ? Division of Commerce
    $thirteen.3 billion ( four.7%) ? Section of Labor
    $13.three billion ( 4.seven%) ? Section of the Treasury
    $twelve. billion ( 6.two%) ? Department of the Inside
    $10.5 billion ( 34.six%) ? Environmental Safety Agency
    $nine.7 billion ( ten.2%) ? Social Stability Administration
    $7. billion ( one.4%) ? Country wide Science Basis
    $5.one billion (-three.eight%) ? Corps of Engineers
    $five. billion ( one hundred%) ? Country wide Infrastructure Financial institution
    $one.1 billion ( 22.2%) ? Corporation for Country wide and Community Company
    $.seven billion (.%) ? Minimal Commerce Administration
    $.6 billion (-fourteen.three%) ? Normal Solutions Administration
    $19.8 billion ( 3.seven%) ? Other Businesses
    $a hundred and five billion ? Other

    This is what is referred to as obligatory investing. These are progams in which paying depends on what they value not how noticeably Congress vote for them. No nation has ever before lower these packages while not descending into anarchy which is not as quite a bit fun as it sounds. Believe that Somalia and using to steal for a living on the grounds that all people else is.

    Mandatory shelling out: $2.184 trillion ( fifteen.six%)
    $677.95 billion ( four.9%) ? Social Protection
    $571 billion (-fifteen.2%) ? Other mandatory products
    $453 billion ( 6.6%) ? Medicare
    $290 billion ( 12.%) ? Medicaid
    $164 billion ( 18.%) ? Interest on Country wide Consumer debt
    $eleven billion ( 275%) ? Capability disaster bills

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