Sack Tapping: Silly Teenage Fad or Social Engineering Conspiracy?

‘Sack Tapping’ — A Schoolyard Game Turned Ugly (ABC NEWS)

Doctors Report Growing Fad: Boys Hit Each Other in Genitals, Post Video Online

Gone are the days when bullies gave mere wedgies. The newest fad in schoolyard violence? A quick slap to the testicles. In the game of “sack tapping” or “ball tapping,” as it is called, a boy will try to slap or flick the groin of another boy to inflict discomfort or pain. The “game” has gotten out of hand, however, according to Dr. Scott Wheeler, a pediatric urologist. In recent years he’s seen an increasing number of young boys coming in with serious damage to the testicles because of a “tap” that hit too hard. “For some reason, [this game] is popular,” Wheeler says. “It’s not just bullies, it’s kids doing it to their friends. It’s rare that bullies target the testicles, they just beat up people.”

A search on YouTube reveals hundreds of videos of young boys, teens, and even members of the U.S. Navy, catching a friend (or enemy) unaware with a quick punch or slap to the genitals. There’s even a “Judge Judy” mock court case involving a 12-year-old “sack tapper” posted to the site. In some cases, trauma sustained by sack tapping can be severe enough to rupture a testicle, an injury that can require surgery or even the amputation of the testicle, says Wheeler.This fad is no joke, Wheeler says, “It’s just ridiculous that boys are doing this.”

“The testicle is protected by a fibrous capsule. The force has to be fairly quick and really hard to break that capsule,” he says. “You can fix a tear in the testicle, but if it’s ruptured bad you have to remove the testicle because the tissue will die and cause infection.”

The fad of sack tapping may be escalating thanks to the numerous videos of it on the Internet. “It’s a snowball effect. A kid sees it on the Internet. His little brother sees him doing and does it at his school. I see boys in elementary, junior high, and high school coming in with these injuries,” he says. “Parents need to talk to their kids about this, and hopefully that will have an impact,” Wheeler says.

“Guys are very attached to their testicles, obviously. If more guys knew that people were having ruptures, perhaps the back and forth of this would die out.”

Johnny Peeper’s commentary:

The hastening moral implosion of our seemingly advanced civilization is fast upon us. Who is behind this horrific testicle destruction meme? The social engineers tasked with implementing global depopulation measures are one likely culprit. The purveyors of the homosexual agenda are another. Could a rogue faction of urologists and andrologists be behind this fad in a sickening profit-driving scheme? Could all of these nefarious forces be conspiring together to turn the next generation of potential fathers into impotent buggerers with ruptured testes requiring expensive medical care?

There is also the remote possibility that “sack tapping” is a Darwinian devolution process, nature’s rejection of anthropocentric arrogance. When I was a young man, testicular safety was a paramount concern. The very thought of allowing a potential sexual competitor to attack my sacred juice-berries in a contest of moronic pseudo-bravery is inconceivable. What is next, clitoral twisting? Cervix puncturing?  In the words of the Australian-born motivational speaker, dietitian, personal trainer, and author Susan Powter, we must “STOP THE INSANITY!

It is my desperate prayer that today’s teenage boys and young men come to their senses regarding this destructive practice. The disabled testicle that was violently slapped could have ushered forth the seed that created you, or a loved one. To borrow (in slightly altered form) from the great Monty Python, every testicle is sacred. Every spherical scrotal inhabitant is a precious gift from our Creator, requiring diligent protection and care.

The war on “ball tapping” must advance in the Marketplace of Ideas. The Internet is the selected battleground. I charge the tech-savvy youngsters who care about their testicular health to litter the YouTube with videos advocating family jewel protection. Our next generation is at stake.

5 Responses to “Sack Tapping: Silly Teenage Fad or Social Engineering Conspiracy?”

  1. 1 Manco
    June 3, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Who cares? I say let these morons slap each other silly. The last thing we need is these jelly-headed freaks having offspring. The planet is fucked up enough without them contributing to the carnage. I urge all youngsters to make more sack tapping videos for the sake of future generations who need not be weighed down by the idiocy of their peers when they will already have enough to deal with thanks to their ancestors. Tap away, fucknuts.

  2. June 4, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    These are children Manco. Children, who in order to preserve their delicate place in the social hierarchy, are forced to endure intense peer pressure and severe assaults like “sack tapping.” Do you remember when the menacing older teens pushed their sin sticks, swigs of gin, and ganja weed on your precious and innocent person? The satchel assault scourge must be stopped before the children are ruined. I beg you to recognize the severity of this plight. Manco, please help the children by dedicating your time and resources to the goal of obliterating “sack tapping” today and forever.

  3. 3 Manco
    June 5, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Johnny: Fuck the children, alright. If these spineless turds can’t stand up for themselves and break a fool in half for trying to tap their sack, then they deserve their ruptured testicles and emasculated futures. Break a few wrists and see how many punks come lookin’ to tappin’.

    I remember when the older teens pushed that stuff you mentioned. As I remember it, they were none too menacing and they introduced me to a veritable garden of earthly delights from which I have spent many hours exploring. Maybe if these mama boy pansies took a few swigs of the gin they’d grow a little hair on their sacks and not have to worry about the tapping sack teen scourge that leads them to cower under their beds.

    The only time I will spend is convincing these wretched punks to continue the sack tapping. If just one sack is ruptured and we are spared another Hitler, Pol Pot, Bush or a plethora of mediocre hacks, then my decision will be justified.

    You go save the children, Peppers. Make sure you pack a shovel.

  4. 4 satan's_child666
    June 26, 2010 at 10:01 am

    kill them all FUCK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 5 Anonymous
    June 2, 2014 at 10:36 pm

    Don’t put type in yellow if you want people to be able to read it

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