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McCain for President?: You Decide

You have probably already asked yourself, what can I do to ensure a John McCain ’08 presidential victory? I mean who wouldn’t proudly support a man who:

  • After his wife (a pillhead junky Stepford clone who stole drugs from her own medical charity) joked about his thinning hair, McCain followed up with “at least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt”
  • Is a 3rd generation military war hero who traded intelligence to the enemy for preferential treatment at the Hanoi Hilton
  • Owes his entire political career to his new trophy wife’s beer fortune (after he cheated on and shit-canned his first wife)
  • Demonstrated his racial hatred by opposing a federal Martin Luther King Holiday
  • Received campaign donations and the use of a jet from Charles Keating (of Keating 5 Scandal fame), and then conspired with him to prevent banking regulators from seizing the the failed S&L (McCain was rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee for his conduct)
  • Abandoned Vietnam War veteran issues such as POW/MIAs, and the use of Agent Orange, as a member of the 1991–1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
  • Trampled on the First Amendment and the right to political speech by sponsoring the McCain-Feingold Act.
  • Demonstrated his lack of principles, and political whoresmanship, by secretly negotiating a switch to the Democratic party and a role as John Kerry’s VP in 2004
  • Wrote the legislation that enacted the fraudulent 9/11 Commission that whitewashed “The New Pearl harbor”
  • Secretly brokered a back room deal with the “Gang of 14” to thrust a sweeping comprehensive immigration reform bill on the citizens without a meaningful opportunity to address concerns with their elected representatives
  • Strongly supported the Iraq War “surge” (death march) and boasted about 100 more years of Iraqi military occupation
  • Conspired with his telecom lobbyist girlfriend to draft favorable legislation for her clients by attempting to shape bills in committee.
  • Assaulted the elderly Strom Thurmond on the Senate floor
  • McCain said “I’m very proud to have Pastor Hagee’s support” (A man who said that Hitler was a hunter sent by God to chase the Jews out of Europe)
  • McCain is a CFR stooge, an unrepentant war-monger, and has zero control over his violent mood swings. Bob Smith, R-N.H., opined that McCain’s rage quotient “would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger.” But, if you want to help him become President, you can become a blog spy and propaganda agent for the McCain campaign.

    Here are the instructions from the McCain campaign’s own Internet headquarters:

    Select from the numerous web, blog and news sites listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known. Once you’ve commented on a post, video or news story, report the details of your comment by clicking the button below. After your comments are verified, you will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center.

    Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war ~ John McCain


    Project: Human Barrier Deconstruction II

    This installment of Human Barrier Deconstruction honors an extremely gifted writer/blogger named Veronica Romm. As a young girl, Veronica, and members of her family, left Russia for the United States.

    This is from her About Me page:

    I was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1973 and my family bravely immigrated to the states in 1979. We arrived in Brooklyn, Brighton Beach to be precise, with all the other Russian immigrants hungry for the American Dream. Unfortunately the Cold War was still in full swing and my arrival was met with some rather harsh tormenting and teasing. Good news, it made me a stronger kid and taught me very quickly the ways of the world. Perhaps because of this early experience I am always rooting for the underdog, and am sensitive to injustice in all areas.

    Her blog is entitled Who knew, and comes highly recommended. Her depth of understanding and insight into the human experience initially captured my attention. Veronica was very supportive of Johnny Peepers in the shaky leg days of Dillsnap Cogitations. For that I am eternally grateful.

    Below is her blog entry detailing her abandonment of the old life in exchange for the new.

    Goodbye Leningrad

    A little girl I am whisked away. All together, Mama, Papa and Babushka (grandma) board a plane to who knows where. We all land safely, on some ground. I ask “Is this where we are moving to?”

    “No, dear not yet, this is where we wait.” I am told.

    Wait? Alright then, it is a lovely place. Near the beach we stay with Senora Maria. They don’t speak my language here, I quickly realize. They speak Italian, we are in Lodispoli, somewhere south of Rome, Mama tells me. There are children there and they are friendly, we play outside, mostly on the beach and I learn “ciao” and many new words as I play each day. I understand them soon enough and they laugh when I say something funny in Italian but they help me and I learn.

    Three months fly by and the wait is over, we must board another plane. Babushka is tired and somewhat ill; she seems scared as mama and papa explain that we have the “Visa’s” whatever those are, but they are happy so I know it must be a good thing. As the plane lands safely once again I ask “Is this where we are going to live?” Mama says yes while busy making sure our parcels are all there.

    There are very few parcels, and I was only allowed to bring my favorite doll, just one. I left the rest behind with my best friend, Katya. She seemed happy but still cried that morning when we left. She knew we would not see each other again; she was older than I and much cleverer.

    So there we are in a very busy airport once again, waiting. Suddenly I am whisked into the arms of a beautiful young girl. She hugs me as black tears rush down her face. Mama is confused but I know this girl, it is Marina my only cousin. Mama is shocked she has grown so much, a woman she is and they hug and cry. Bella and George my Totya (aunt) and Dadya (uncle) are there too. Everyone is crying, but not me, it’s too exciting with all the commotion.

    I hold Babushkas hand as we walk through “JFK” and it is a long walk for her. She is tired, very tired and I want to leave this place with all the strange people speaking another language I don’t understand. Marina speaks it well and I laugh when I learn my first word, “OK”. Everything is “ok” as we get into the van with our parcels and everyone in the van together. Mama and Bella keep crying and laughing, they act strange and nervous but I am OK. We are on our way to our new house, it is May 10, 1979 and it is hotter than I have ever felt before.


    Warning to the Racist White Devils

    This post is in response to comments left on my blog by two sub-human racist shit-heels. Your numbers, like your brain-cell counts, have been rapidly depleting since your reign of human terror was officially defeated.

    You will not be able to hide under your slime-covered rock when the race war commences. You will be the first ones hog-tied, beaten, and hung from your neck until you are dead. Your miniature genitals will be severed with a rusty hack-saw and stuffed into your mouths. But first, you will suffer your final moments as the Black man’s urinal.

    WHO WILL PAY REPARATIONS ON MY SOUL? (White Devils with their life)

    Ignorance and fear of the unknown defines your hate. Soon, you will be a distant memory – a painful reminder of human failure. White Supremacists will have no final spiritual resting place. Their souls will rot in a vat of pig feces after they are violently expunged from the ranks of the living.


    Respect me, or put me to death ~ Malcolm Xon will be live.e revolution will be live.


    Dillsnap Cogitations Search Terms


    As is customary in WordPress circles, I felt compelled to dedicate a post to the humorous search terms that people have used to find this site. I shouldn’t be surprised at many of them considering the smorgasboard of random and nonsensical bullshit that I write about. Nonetheless, some sheila (or bloke) took the time to type the following words in a box and press search. Here are some of my favorites.

    • hillary senator from poon (Mentioning the name Hillary and the word poon in the same sentence should be a crime)
    • poetry molested (A novel concept. I dunno why, but it reminds me of an awful joke. What do you do after you get done fucking a vegetable? Answer: Put her back in the wheelchair)
    • cost A gram of tina meth crystal (As a cost-conscious consumer, I always like to check the market price for my illegal purchases. Just remember that the government is monitoring your Google search terms)
    • is it easier to catch flies with vinegar (I think this theory needs a bit more empirical research, but maybe that is what they was up to)
    • Joel Osteen is the antichrist (Actually Ban Ki-moon is the anti-Christ, but why quibble over trivialities?)
    • propelling a turd (I have had a few cases of explosive diarrhea, but this is a new one on me. Maybe it could be done with a small C-4 charge, but my colon is very risk averse these days.
    • asexual butterfly (Possibly a sexual position for the eunuchs?)
    • pen to smoke meth (I usually use a glass pipe or Coors Lite can, but these probably come in handy when you are operating on the down-low)
    • will you shave my coin purse (This quote is from my favorite episode of Family Guy. Stewie is about to enter a competitive swimming competition and needs to reduce water drag. He is standing on the bathroom counter and shaving off all of his body hair. When Brian enters the bathroom, Stewie asks him if he will do the honors. A friggin’ classic)
    • luftwafe UFO (I know the Nazis were into some supernatural occult shit, but I had no idea that they enlisted E.T. to carpet-bomb London in 1940)
    • “how to properly jerk off” (I could have wrote the book on that one, but it would have taken all the fun out of the youngster’s exploratory learning adventures)
    • us-senator soulless eyes demonic hill (Agreed)
    • compressed air to empty pig skulls (Why I will never eat swine again)
    • stories on forced tit milking of slaves (I prefer voluntary tit milking, but who am I to judge?)
    • breath play noose (Michael Hutchence took all the fun out of it for me. Can you say devil inside?)
    • purple headed warrior (The blood engorged mayonnaise cannon that is always ready to do battle with a formidable set of female guts)
    • joel osteen douchebag (Truer words have never been typed)
    • antichrist calculator (I think Texas Instruments beta-tested that one in the 90’s)
    • taste of pumpkin symptom (If that is the symptom, what is the affliction?)
    • marta bus bitch (There is one on every route)

    Johnny Peepers

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