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President Obama Defeats Jesus as America’s #1 Hero


In a recent Harris Interactive poll, our fearless and awe-inspiring leader, President Barack H. Obama, edged out the Prince of Peace as America’s greatest hero. Jesus was bumped from the coveted position in a bitter contest that pitted the savior and redeemer of mankind against the magnificent unifier from Chicago, whose recent ascendancy heralded a transformative event in American politics.

jesus-campThough it may be disconcerting to the throngs of Bible-thumping mouth-breathers who desperately cling to their 2000+ year old fairy tales and rapture fantasies, Jesus just does not have what it takes to protect national security and ensure America’s hegemonic role as World Cop in the 21st century. Though America is still considered a Christian nation, an overwhelming majority support the use of military force to defeat the enemy. George W. Bush, whose primary political base consisted of Christians, was an ardent proponent of preemptive warfare. President Obama, who also received huge support from Christian Americans, has courageously donned the commander-in-chief boots to tackle the War on Terror head-on.

The 2008 election was a forceful rejection of the anachronistic, weak-kneed, turn-the-other-cheek religious philosophy, that if allowed to infect our leaders’ resolve, would certainly usher in the end of the greatest country that ever graced the face of Earth. Instead, I am confident that Obama will engage in a “spread the cheeks” militant foreign policy that will put the terrorists, freedom-haters, and two-bit dictators on a permanent state of notice that reads – don’t even think about it muthafuckas!

Jesus would not have had the guts, or the testicular fortitude, to maintain George W. Bush’s War on Islamo-Fascist Terror. Obama is undaunted by the treasonous moralizers and leftist pantywaists who ceaselessly whine and moan about war crimes, human rights abuses, torture, Geneva Convention violations, and other spurious charges that have no basis in fact. The Hate America first crowd is intent on weakening the president’s authority and America’s hyper-power status in order to realize their post-Armageddon religious utopia or their One World government socialist nightmare (depending on which pudding-brained nutball you ask).


Thankfully, two days after assuming office, President Obama wisely preserved the Rendition program (free airfare/mystery destination travel package for under-privileged terrorists). This is an incredibly useful weapon in the War on Terror arsenal that allows the CIA to secretly kidnap bad people anywhere in the World and transport them to countries where the laws allow for more *effective* interrogations. The Rendition program is likely to expand under Obama, allowing for more Islamo-Nazis to be disappeared, beaten, electrocuted, and sexually traumatized (just like the scum at Club Gitmo) in black prisons around the globe.

Another reason that Obama beat our Jesus for #1 hero is his decision to ramp up the fight on the Afghanistan front. On the campaign trail, Obama continually argued that more attention must be paid to the region where the 9/11 attacks originated. By sending in an additional 17,000 troops with the Afghan surge, the president is sending a loud and clear message to Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network – America will not lose its terror obliterating resolve. Obama’s decision to launch the Afghan surge, coupled with his green light on the predator drone attacks and black operations in Pakistan, will further our goals of completely eradicating the Islamic terrorist menace.

jesusWhile Jesus is certainly an important astro-theological redeemer/savior archetype, his religious prescription is a recipe for disaster in the modern era. In the old days, the worst that could happen to you was a slap in the face, an ass-kicking, or a club against the head. It isn’t so easy to love your enemy when the haters of humanity have suicide bombers, airplane hijackers, and weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. The Harris poll identifying President Obama as America’s greatest hero reflects this understanding.

True patriotic Americans, unswayed by the continuous cacophony emitting from the Christian cowards and the naive, far-left, pacifist, granola-eaters, embraced a unflinching leader in the 2008 election – one who is not afraid to take the fight to the radical Islamic ratholes where the enemy mocks our fallen citizens. Please support America’s hero President Obama and his dedication to the War on Terror to ensure the preservation of democracy and freedom across the globe.

We have real enemies in the world. These enemies must be found. They must be pursued and they must be defeated ~President Barack H. Obama


Kiss it Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and All You Other Intelligent Design/Christ Haters


Sir Francis Bacon’s Message to Future Generations

Men are not animals erect, but immortal gods. The Creator has given us souls equal to all the world, and yet satiable not even with a world. Everything is possible to man. Time is young; gives us some little centuries, and we shall control and remake all things.

We shall perhaps at last learn the noblest lesson of all, that man must not fight man, but must make war only on the obstacles that nature offers to the triumph of man

It will not be amiss to distinguish the three kinds, as it were grades, of ambition in mankind. The first is those who desire to extend the power in their native country; which is kind of vulgar and degenerate. The second is of those whose labor extend the power of their country and its dominion among men; this certainly has more dignity, but no less covetousness. But if a man endeavor to establish and extend the power and dominion of the human race itself over the universe, his ambition is without doubt both a more wholesome thing and a nobler than the other two.

~ Sir Francis Bacon


(Don’t Worry) If There’s Hell Below We’re All Gonna Go

Sisters!, Niggers!, Whiteys!, Jews!, Crackers!
Don’t Worry, if there is hell below, we all gonna go!

Sisters, Brothers, and the Whiteys
Blacks and the Crackers
Police and their backers
They’re all political actors

People running from their worries
While the judge and the juries
Dictate the law that’s partly flaw

Cat-calling, love-balling, fussing, and a cussing
Top billing now is killing
For peace no-one is willing
Kind of make you get that feeling

Everybody smoke
Use the pill and the dope
Educated fools
From uneducated schools
Pimping people is the rule
Polluted water in the pool
And Nixon (insert contemporary slave-master) talking about don’t worry
He says don’t worry

But they don’t know
There can be no show
And if there’s a hell below
We’re all gonna go

Everybody’s praying
And everybody’s saying
But when come time to do
Everybody’s laying

Just talking about don’t worry
They say don’t worry

~ Curtis Mayfield
(Don’t Worry) If There’s Hell Below
We’re All Gonna Go


Mary Ann – The Drug-Addicted Sinner From Gilligan’s Island Needs Your Prayers


The Satanist’s girl-next-door seductress, Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, was arrested for possessing illegal mind-altering drugs. Dawn Wells is the actress who tantalized many young boys (and men) with her down home sensual allure and disarmingly flirtatious behavior. Countless young impressionable minds fantasized about turning out Mary Ann’s Midwestern corn-fed guts. Her image was a deceptively crafted Hollywood lure designed to destroy the beauty of God’s greatest gift – sexuality.

Mary Ann shared an island hut with the red-headed sex bomb Ginger (real name Tina Louise). Ms. Louise was famous for prostituting her naked flesh in the soul-destroying pornographic magazine Playboy. In the series, the two were pursued by virile over-sexed males (Skipper, Gilligan, and the Professor) that were shipwrecked alongside with them. A lesbian relationship was heavily implied, with Mary Ann assuming the naive farm girl subordinate to Ginger, the worldly harlot experienced in carnal debauchery.

The Satanic producers of the series portrayed Mary Ann as a child to lure pedophiles and young boys into her deceptively seductive Lolita-esque spiderweb. In the episode “V for Vitamins”, a vote is called to determine who gets to escape the island. Mary Ann then says, “women and children first, so I get two votes.” The Satanist’s intentional conflation of obvious feminine sexual maturity with the claim of childhood was a form of cultural propaganda designed to blur the moral distinction between acts of sexual congress between adults and the weakest among us – our youth.

Dawn Wells could not escape her demons and used chemicals to ease the pain of her sinful past. She even auctioned her Gilligan’s Island whore-gear for $20,700 to feed her destructive addiction.

After being caught by the police red-handed, Wells lied about having the drugs. Satan compelled her to blame hitch-hikers for placing them in her vehicle. The Lord saw that she was punished for her 9th Commandment violation, and was placed on probation.

Dawn Wells has a chance to be born again and to earn the Lord’s protective embrace. She is up there in years now, and the drugs she has used to defile her body have reduced her time on the Earthly plane. Please pray for Dawn and let her know that you wish to enjoy her presence in the afterlife by signing her guestbook.

If your’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being ~ Jerry Falwell


Internet Pornography: The Satanist’s Weapon For Destroying Families and Enslaving Mankind


Internet pornography is a rapidly advancing virus on the nuclear family, spirituality, and the morality of mankind. The minimal effort required to access young nubile women, who are forced to contort their naughty bits for anyone to see, has become a pervasive epidemic infecting millions of families. The Satanists prey on weakness and human frailty. By targeting the male’s powerful sex drive, they render him a slave to their soulless sexual pollution.

Why do the pornographers make it so convenient to view their filth? How do they profit when thousands of their pictures and videos are available for free download? The short answer is they don’t. Their evil product is subsidized by the Satanists to destroy human love and the lifelong marital bond. They seek to divide and conquer by destroying God’s gift to mankind – human sexuality.


The Satanist’s agenda is to disrupt the family unit, ultimately rendering man and woman isolated. When the family is destroyed, mankind is powerless to resist their subjugation. They have a multi-pronged strategy to achieve this goal. By polluting the culture with sex-based media propaganda (Internet content, films, television, and music), they create demand for instant carnal gratification devoid of responsibility or moral obligation.

By sexualizing the youth, they remotely control the next generation. When young boys and girls grow up believing that viewing online pornography, engaging in “hook-ups”, and “being hot” is the societal expectation, they abandon aspirations of seeking a soul-mate who will love and protect them for life. When men can be chained to their online lovers and cable-box companions (who never say no), they lose respect for their partners and a chasm develops in their intimate relations.

The force-feeding of Internet pornography on society is an intentional plot to separate man from his current (or potential) spouse. The Satanists intentionally perpetuate the unrealistic image of the perfectly sculpted sexual nymphomaniac female (who is always hungry for frequent, humiliating, and violent sex). The male viewer is continually bombarded with manufactured imagery of feminine beauty and bodily perfection to the point where that is all he craves. A real woman cannot compete with these contrived vixens who do not exist in reality. As a result, potential female partners are rejected as flawed and unworthy of attention.


The subjugated young women who provide the soul-destroying mastubatory fodder are sympathy-evoking pawns in the porn slave-trade. Most have experienced horrendous physical and sexual abuse as children, are addicted to drugs, and have little self-esteem. They are promised riches and luxury, yet they suffer untold acts of sexual degradation necessary to supply the pornographer’s evil lure to destroy the family. When their bodies are destroyed and can give no more, they are hurled into the dust-bin of battered and forgotten souls.

The destruction of the male-female bond is only one goal of the Satanists. They also seek to use your sinful habits against you. When you access a pornographic site, cookies are attached to your hard drive that track your movements and communicate them to the Satanist’s servers. Every search term you enter into Google (or other search engines) is catalogued and maintained in perpetuity for release to third-parties). Every URL you click is documented and stored as a record of your Internet travel in the form of a click-stream. When you access a picture, stream a movie, or download a video, a record of the transaction is kept. Many images and videos on the Internet are products of child pornography and illegal in the U.S., yet they are accessible. This is by design.

A database is being kept of all your Internet travels, even when you think no one is watching. One day this data could be assembled into a file that is used to blackmail you. Maybe your wife will get a manila envelope in the mail exposing your online sexual escapades. This does not only happen to random strangers on the news. You will be targeted if the need arises. The Satanists prey on human weakness. They use pornography and biological desire to control man in order to further their destructive aims.

You can deny them this power if you abandon the evil Siren’s lure. Reject the shackles that the Liar’s minions seek to impose on your body, mind, and spirit. Happiness can only be experienced with those that you love in the flesh, and who share your spiritual values. Defeat the Satanist’s agenda and take your woman to bed, she will thank you.

At the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearanceJean Baudrillard

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