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An Excerpt from “The Magic of Chaos” by Peter J. Carroll


The rejection of any absolute external reality, truth or meaning may seem a paradoxical or even horrific principle on which to base a spiritual quest. I personally do not think so. Absolute truth would be absolute tyranny and historically it has always been. I would rather the freedom to forge my own spiritual vision. The evidence of my senses suggests that the universe is basically random within arbitrary limits which themselves arise capriciously. Reality is a hierarchy of accidents ruled by pure chance. Even so-called “scientific laws” are only statistical approximations describing the most persistent types of accident. I am free, not because freedom was conferred upon me but as a consequence of my being a purely accidental creation with random behaviour patterns.

Chaos Magic necessarily implies a certain individualistic antipoliticism or even anarchy. It is plainly an illusion that people are ruled by politics. People are ruled by philosophies and fashions, and it is from this higher level that Chaos Magic launches its attack on reality. To practice magic implies that you are actively seeking to forge your own spiritual viewpoint often in contradiction to cultural norms.

Magic arises to prominence when the boundary of self is either expanding or contracting. For example, during times of innovation and discovery, or during times of repression. A profound magical renaissance is now in progress because the boundary of self is both expanding and contracting simultaneously. Science, drugs, psychology, communications networks and all the paraphernalia of late twentieth century life have expanded aspects of awareness to a degree inconceivable a century ago.

Conversely, many aspects of industrial civilisation oppress us and hence encroach on the territory of self. The childish allegories of religion have been rightfully jettisoned but the whole principle of the self as a mystic entity has taken a body-blow in the process. The natural environment is being rubbished to feed the industrial behemoth and our capacity to relate to it is diminishing. As the pace of life becomes more frantic the value of introspection becomes diminished except in art where it is encouraged to become grotesque. Consumerism and the prospect of thermonuclear armageddon (which it seems must inevitably accompany it) could diminish us all. Thus with all these pressures on self, magic has mushroomed and taken on a colouration distinct from its historical antecedents. At once there is an extraordinary necrophilia and eclecticism and at the same time a powerful feeling for anachronistic practices. Quantum physics rubs shoulders with nature shamanism and Tantric practices are employed for parapsychological purposes involving telepathy experiments arranged by satellite link between home microprocessors whilst ancient goetic incenses smoke away on the mantlepiece in homemade braziers.

A renaissance is marked by the presence of renaissance people, and the contemporary magician is very much a renaissance figure in the sense that the term is usually taken to imply. Contemptuous of the conventions and paradigms of his age, he looks both backward and forward in time for techniques to circumvent them. Religion, and the neo-religious magic that fought it, are dead or dying.

Arise the Sorceror Scientist!



Kerry Thornley: Merry Madman, Genius, and Apple Cart Upsetting Extraordinaire


Kerry Thornley is a name recognized by few, despite his intriguing role in the counter-culture movement, Neo-Paganism, the underground “zine” scene, and deep politics. Thornley was co-founder of the Discordian Society, a multiple aliased writer, a Marine pal of Lee Harvey Oswald, a possible MK-ULTRA mind control victim (who eventually became embroiled in Jim Garrison’s JFK assassination investigation), and a long-time staple of Atlanta’s bohemian Little 5 Points neighborhood. Thornley’s exploits have been thoroughly documented in Adam Gorightly’s book The Prankster and the Conspiracy.

principiaThornley’s early introduction into the realm of high weirdness began with his Mormon upbringing. Thornley and his childhood friend, Greg Hill, co-authored Principia Discordia, Or, How I Found Goddess, And What I Did To Her When I Found Her. Their comedy religion was dedicated to Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord (Eris had the distinction of bumping Pluto for the position of the 9th largest planet in the solar system). According to Robert Anton Wilson, the Illuminatus! Trilogy books were an attempt to build a myth around Discordianism. Thornley’s embrace of Anarchism, Atheism, Objectivism, Neo-Paganism, Buddhism, and particularly Discordianism, cemented his role as an unbridled individualist hell-bent on Earthly ride enjoyment.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s pre-JFK assassination exploits were memorialized in “The Idle Warriors”, a book that earned Thornley the attention of the Warren Commission. Jim Garrison attempted to subpoena Thornley regarding his role as the “second Oswald”. Numerous baffling coincidences tie Oswald to Thornley, including their military comaradarie, the fact that they lived in the same New Orleans neighborhood, and Thornley’s repeated run-ins with a vast assortment of CIA and JFK assassination conspiracy figures. Later, Thornley was convinced that he was a victim of CIA MK-ULTRA mind-control experimentation, was being spied on by his close friends, and that he was the product of Vril, a Nazi genetic experiment.

Kerry spend the remainder of his life traveling, contributing to and editing underground newspapers, and handing out fliers on street corners. After settling in Atlanta, Thornley pursued his vocational interest in dish-washing at a number of Little 5 Point restaurants and resided in the back room of the A Cappella bookstore. Thornley died of cardiac arrest on November 28, 1998 at the age of 60. Following a Buddhist memorial service, his body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.


If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe ~ Kerry W. Thornley

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!


The Cure – Killing an Arab

The Cure’s first single played live in Paris in 1979. “Killing an Arab” is The Cure’s homage to the existential classic “The Stranger” by Albert Camus. In the novel, an alienated French man senselessly murders a native Arab on a beach in Tangiers.

Unfortunately, this song was co-opted by the mindless, blood-thirsty, pseudo-patriotic, racist douche-bags who permanently reside in the realm of post-9/11ville. In a punkass nod to the politically correct thought police, Robert Smith would later change the lyrics to “kissing an Arab” when singing the song in concert.

Standing on the beach
With a gun in my hand
Staring at the sky
Staring at the sand
Staring down the barrel
At the Arab on the ground
I can see his open mouth
But I hear no sound

I’m alive
I’m dead
I’m the stranger
Killing an Arab

I can turn
And walk away
Or I can fire the gun
Staring at the sky
Staring at the sun
Whichever I chose
It amounts to the same
Absolutely nothing

I’m alive
I’m dead
I’m the stranger
Killing an Arab

I feel the steel butt jump
Smooth in my hand
Staring at the sea
Staring at the sand
Staring at myself
Reflected in the eyes
Of the dead man on the beach
The dead man on the beach

I’m alive
I’m dead
I’m the stranger
Killing an Arab


Draw Your Brakes Brother, I Just Can’t Take It


Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence. The more certitude one assumes, the less there is left to think about, and a person sure of everything would never have any need to think at anything any might be considered clinically dead under current medical standards, where the absence of brain activity is taken to mean that life has ended. ~ Robert Anton Wilson

mediaA brief foray into the daily MainStreamMedia™ house of horrors is always good for a jolting psyche shock these days. Life, as presented by the consensus trance script writers, is a precarious tight-rope walk – one where we are always mere inches away from the snapping croc jaws below us. Innundated with the ever-looming danger of war, rumors of war, economic collapse, escalating crime (pick your own worst fear, nightmare, or schizoid break catalyst), our boats are moored in the waters of psychological turbulence.

Our handlers know that a fractured, fear-injected, rudderless society is one that is easier to manage. The illuminated brethren from the Frankfurt School, the Tavistock Institute, and their U.S. psychopathic intelligence equivalents (OSS/CIA Octopus derivatives) have perfected the Pavlovian human behavior cage – one that is wired with the not so random electric shock (’29 market crash, the Holocaust, Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and 9-11). With the ignorant masses in a state of disjointed chaos, a consensus is less likely to emerge as to whose necks should be destined for the guillotine.

I can hear Joe 6-pack in the background proclaim, “Wait a minute bub, we live in a free society, enjoy the constitutional guarantees of a free press and free speech, and our forefathers busted their arse on a liberation document known as the U.S. Constitution. Kiss it you left-wing, cry-baby, bed-wetting, twill chomper.” To this imaginary fellow I say, one man’s illusory unbounded plateau is another man’s concretized psychological prison. In the end, it is only a matter of perception.

holoAccording to quantum physicist David Bohm, our thoughts are like circular motions of energy that become a repetitious pattern forming our beliefs. This explains why our attitudes and belief systems tend to become resistant to change. The continuing effect of these vortices tends to inhibit discernment and our ability to assimilate new ideas and information streams. As Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe makes clear, this “can cause us to become repetitious, create blockages in the creative flow of our consciousness, keep us from seeing the wholeness of ourselves, and make us feel disconnected from our species.”

Either you create your own “reality tunnel”, or you are forced to endure the perpetual chaos (or insufferable boredom) of another’s existence construct. A cursory review of the average bloke or sheila’s lifestyle evidences a pattern of fixed rigidity and quiet desperation. With the mountains of bills, the crying babes, and the one-upmanship contest with the Joneses in the battle of material acquisition, who has time to fine tune the inner self?

transhumanCurrently, we are experiencing an exponentially progressive rate of mechanized human advancement technologies, which threaten consciousness exploration. Life extension through artificial organ transplant, transhumanism, and pharmacologically induced pain avoidance (emotion suppression) will ultimately yield an inorganic being, divorced from a sense of oneness with the universe.

It is now very clear that techniques of machine-human interfacing, pharmacology of the synthetic variety, all kinds of manipulative techniques, all kinds of data storage, imaging and retrieval techniques– all of this is coalescing toward the potential of a truly demonic or angelic kind of self-imaging of our culture… And the people who are on the demonic side are fully aware of this and hurrying full-tilt forward with their plans to capture everyone as a 100% believing consumer inside some kind of a beige furnished fascism that won’t even raise a ripple. ~ Terence Mckenna

The impending global consciousness shift activation date of 2012 is the sign marker alerting humanity to the upcoming fork in the road. Will the debilitating inertia of our self-doubting hive mentality sabotage the road to self-discovery? Or better yet, will a critical mass of enlightened post-Modern eschaton surfers activate the Cosmic Trigger paving the way for the rest? Hopefully our fellow travelers in the near future will reject the soul-negating escapism offerings (soma pharmaceuticals, virtual reality, materialist reductionism), embrace mind-quieting techniques, and plug into the universal consciousness surge protector.


Celine’s Laws

pyramidCeline’s Laws were maxims attributed to the fictional character Hagbard Celine in writer Robert Anton Wilson’s co-written series Illuminatus! Trilogy (The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple and Leviathan). The works, which have been described as “a fairy tale for paranoids”, fuse factual information with a hyper-imaginative, post-modernist, sci-fi landscape awash in drugs, sex, and majick-riddled fiction in a Dischordian scheme Wilson named Operation Mindfuck.

Freeman Hagbard Celine, H.M., S.H. (Holy Man, Shit Head) is a central figure in the Illumanitus! Trilogy. Celine, a Discordian Anarchist, fought the Illuminati in a golden submarine (named Leif Ericson). He designed a supercomputer called FUCKUP (First Universal Cybernetic Kynetic Ultramicro-Programmer). Celine’s three laws are outlined in his manifesto Never Whistle While You’re Pissing.

raw4Wilson was an American writer, psychonaut, libertarian, philosopher, jury nullification proponent, Church of the SubGenius member, consciousness explorer, Maybe Logic Academy founder, rational irrationalist, model agnostic, and a few other things. His role as consciousness barricade obliterator, socio-political pseudo-edifice deconstructionist, and idiocracy annihilator will not soon be forgotten.

Celine’s Laws

1. National Security is the chief cause of national insecurity

Paranoia accompanies the rise and increasing power of the state, necessitating a secret police (e.g., Hoover’s FBI). With the threat of infestation by internal subversives and foreign enemies, and the dangerous monopoly on blackmail and intimidation powers a singular agency wields, another intelligence apparatus must be instituted to monitor the former. A higher level secret police would then need to be created to oversee the most recent agency addition – ad infinitum.

This infinite “watching the watchers” regression leads to needless spying, the spawning of laws violating civil liberties, and the targeting of innocent citizens under the sweeping banner of national security. In the end, the citizen is threatened more by the paranoid machinations of Homeland (In)Security than whatever enemy necessitated its original creation.

2. Accurate communication is possible only in a non-punishing situation.

Wilson advanced the view that true “communication only occurs between equals.” In a hierarchal structure, strong motives exist for the subservient to lie, bootlick, and ingratiate themselves to their superior. Due to the imbalance of power, the inferior member must protect themselves from violence or the loss of economic security through deceit and subterfuge.

Accurate information can only be transmitted between equals. When the hierarchal dynamic exists, the inherent possibility of the use of force prohibits truthful information exchange. According to Celine’s law, any hierarchy acts more to conceal the truth from its leaders than it serves to find the truth.

3. An honest politician is a national calamity

Although absurd on its face, Celine’s third law argues that a corrupt politician is preferable to an honest one. To redress inequity, and fix the broken political system, the honest politician must implement new sweeping reforms through laws. With more and more laws, individuals are subjected to the greater possibility of criminal prosecution.

Individual freedoms are restricted with each legislative enactment which punish human interaction. The citizens, unable to keep abreast with the flurry of legislative activity, find their liberty at greater risk due to potential criminal prosecution. Though the dishonest politician may line his pockets with the monies of the people, an honest politician may pose the greater threat by unwittingly stripping them of individual rights.


Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence ~ Robert Anton Wilson


Easy Credit Rip Off…Good Times

The controlled financial collapse fix is in full swing kids. The easy credit, no worries, American dream mirage has bellied out on the economic reality sand bar. The final nail in the coffin will be China’s massive dumping of the free-falling U.S. federal reserve note (fiat currency dollar). The painful truth is that everybody is to blame (and yes, that means you).

The predatory big bankster lenders only gave us what we desperately clamored for. The easy mortgages, low interest school loans, home equity lines, and generous credit card limits came with a huge price. A multi-generational psy-op propaganda campaign was engineered to rewire the brains of the American people. Buy, borrow, waste, and consume was the mantra. We were conditioned to emulate and worship the air-brushed androgynistic magazine model – whose cocaine-fueled multi-millionaire lifestyle is always one purchase away.

When the collective ego gets too big for its britches, painful reality must set in. We were deluded to believe that we needed the big house, new car, and all the fancy electronic gadgets. The indigenous people in the Western Amazon crave cooking pots, radios, and batteries. The ego-centric materialist consumer corporatists worked overtime to convince us that we were the advanced culture. They were wrong.

Whether or not you are ready, the galactical consciousness realignment is fast upon us. You may either choose to cling to your earthly container vessel (with your possessions), or abandon this holographic Truman Show for a more meaningful role in the mystery realm. Whichever fork in the road you choose, I wish you the best of luck.

What matters is that whatever actual or simulated events are thrown into the cauldron, we are ready to deal with them. In these times, being psychically and psychologically equipped is absolutely critical. It is going to be hard to distinguish between the real and the unreal. The very concept of what is actual and original and what is unreal and simulated will be challenged. Discernment is required. The escape route is transcendent in nature. It will not be served up as fast-food religious rescue. It doesn’t work like that. Think for yourself. Shape your own reality. As fellow blogger, researcher and all round superwoman Angie Riedel so brilliantly puts it:think or be eaten. ~ Neil Kramer


Project: Human Barrier Deconstruction IV

I am proud to announce another superb contribution to the Human Barrier Deconstruction project. Christine, the author of the cognition-provoking blog, all the elbows, was kind enough to posit her thoughts for my loosely defined initiative.

I consider myself fortunate that Christine and I crossed Internet paths. She has a delicately poised light and darkness composition that mirrors my Earthly experience. I consider Christine a fellow universal consciousness enlightening traveler. This is from her blog:

i want to be a ballerina pointy toed graceful
perky ones maybe an astronaut into the sky
burrow up find God president of the united
states no more war everyone eats and has a
a doctor? save lives cure rickets a
poison minds a model ugly will be
the new beatiful
i will be beautiful in my ugly
a mother mutha fucker patient and kind
cookies always on hand and a lacy apron
a soldier buffalo soldier soldier of P E A C E a
good friend
happy wife i’ll have a garden filled
with taller than usual snapdragons and violas
bumble bees ladybugs holy virgin clean sky
sky sky blue and so on

when i grow up-

Here is Christine’s contribution to the project:

When Johnny Peepers began Operation Human Barrier Deconstruction, i was very excited. Those who’ve contributed thus far have impressed me greatly and i secretly wondered how i could contribute. When he asked me i was excited- and arrogant.

i thought i would be able to whip something out quick and easy, as i have many thoughts about how screwed up and senseless the world can be. i thought, thought, thought, but each time i attempted to write something, i froze up.

The thing is, i was- am- distrustful of people. i fear them, the many ways i can hurt them, ways they may hurt me. That is my human barrier. And i am thinking that perhaps many people in this world operate from distrust.

i think, try to believe and practice, the idea of folks as individuals. i like to think that i take people one at a time, doling out benefit of the doubt. i bumped into this while trying to come up with something good, worthwhile, meaningful for Johnny. i’m thinking maybe i don’t practice this as much as i’d hoped.

So all that’s led me to this- in order for me to connect with people on a human level, beyond skin or genitals, appearance or status, sexuality or location- i must set aside fear. i must take a chance and trust. i have to make a conscious effort to find all that is common amongst us, what unites us, what we all share.

Ruminating, i found and discarded many things. i attempted to be positive. Laughter, i thought. All people cherish laughter, but then i thought of people who live in constant fear of being bombed, losing their sons and daughters, people not knowing when their next meal will be. Folks in such circumstances might not be interested in laughing. i thought hope is something all people share, but hope has become a cliché to many, a joke, some lofty, far off la-la-land kind of sentiment so many’ve lived without it. God? Yeah right. People kill one another in the name of this god or that god.

i wanted something universal. And i was brought back to the idea of fear. i know that sounds totally negative and in direct opposition to the purpose of Johnny’s mission. i thought so too, at first. Fear motivates humans to do unspeakable things, to hide, hurt, maim. But think about it a little more, and though it is sad, it is something we’ve all experienced- everyone of us- and it is something we can help one another through. Realizing that we all experience this may, if we allow it, may arouse in us compassion, empathy and understanding.

The need to be loved and understood also unite us as humans. Even when some of us do terrible things, there is a longing to be known, understood. Knowing that many are afraid of being hurt and making an effort to reach out, to understand, to learn others, can change the world i think, can melt away the fear.

i wish that, pray that; hope for a world in which we could go beyond the superficial, below the skin, over the borders, through the miasma of propaganda to the marrow, the rich valleys, to the clear sky of human spirit and freedom. True freedom- a desire in which we are also united. Not license, but freedom.

Gosh. This sounds so good to me. i can almost taste it. How though? How? i begin with me and you. i’ve revealed my mediocrity of thought, my fairytale idea- my dark fairytale. It probably sounds stupid. i’m afraid of doing Operation Human Barrier Deconstruction a disservice, but i take this chance because what unites us and what i wish to unite us are different. i wish peace to connect us. i wish that love did.

(copyright 2008 ) c A Hughes


Kicking the Cobblestones

A good friend turned me onto a mind-expanding blog titled The Cleaver. The author, Neil Kramer, describes himself as an “agent of consciousness broadcasting from the third density.” His latest blog entry, Demystifying Illuminist Power Structures, is riveting. In the interest of combating reader fatigue, I have excerpted only portions of the post. If you are so inclined, I highly recommend reading it in its entirety.

The illusory world in which we find ourselves has both gross and subtle aspects. Gross in terms of the five sense perceived reality and subtle as in that which lies beyond the direct comprehension of the senses. The path of transcendent knowledge, unique to each individual, guides us through both levels to a higher frequency of consciousness and a fuller understanding of how the multiverse is composed. In this respect, awareness of Illuminist organizations and their methods can be considered a natural part of moving through the gross illusory stages. As energies retune from the physical to the metaphysical, perspective is positively transformed and many of the ominous manoeuvrings of the Illuminist agenda begin to dissipate.

Humans are not unconscious and dim-witted by nature. Our impressive contemporary ignorance is the result of prolonged and invasive conditioning. The Control System uses basic diversionary tactics to prevent most humans from ever engaging with anything meaningful. It deploys encumbering psychological hoaxes like keeping people stressed inside a protestant work ethic time-loop, over endorsing left brain activity, removing the divine from daily life, omnipresent junk entertainment etc. It augments these with physical disconnections through bad water, bad food and a haze of atmospheric and electromagnetic interference. Combined, they subvert the natural evolution of the human soul from its normal ascension trajectory down to the prosaic drudgery of the 21st century consumer plantation.

The Gross Illusion

The affairs of planet Earth are locally administered by unelected organizations operating from behind a screen of artificial capitalist and communist governments. The Wizard of Oz is pulling the levers and the munchkins are reverently oblivious. A bitter pill to swallow. The emergence of the Internet has made it possible to assemble and cross reference masses of previously disparate data into a more lucid and conceivable whole. A course of alternative esoteric education that would’ve formerly taken decades (with the cooperation of several major libraries) can now be achieved within a few months. There is much deep study, analysis and intuition required, but it can be done. Suffice to say the Control System is real. The plot has been thickening nicely from day one. As with any other illusion, the student must progress sequentially through each distinct layer to arrive at the truth, the key to the entire illusion.

Into The Mists Of Time

The Control System offers nanohistory as our default reference point. An absurdly myopic perspective that suggests it is only worth looking back a few hundred years for any meaningful historical orientation. Everything before then was outlandish, superstitious and largely uncivilized – apart from the Greeks and Romans who had sanitation, hot running water and fresh grapes. This represents most people’s degree of historical awareness. Restricting access to the historical record is fundamental to the success of shaping people’s consciousness to see only that which is directly under their nose.

It is possible to trace Illuminist groups back to around 6000 BCE. Undoubtedly, they go back a lot earlier, but until we get independent access to authentic historical documents (many of which are secreted in the Vatican archives, I am reliably informed), we shall have to use thoughtful conjecture. Certainly we can track Illuminist origins to the Mithraic, Zoroastrian and Dionysian mystery schools; also directly to ancient Egypt from the predynastic period of around 5500 BCE to the early dynastic period of 3150 BCE. Inevitably, the picture gets clearer and there is more detailed information the more recent you get. For example, it can be persuasively argued that there is an unbroken thread through the Egyptian > Roman > Christian > English/US Empires. Bloodlines have been preserved throughout the timeline by way of meticulous interbreeding in order to isolate lineages with certain esoteric DNA characteristics. Funny how this stuff isn’t mentioned in high school history lessons. As Philip K Dick said, “The empire never ended.” (Valis, 1980).

Masters Of Reality

The Control System works by keeping everyone focussing on the lowest levels of the pyramid, the base levels of the illusion. Within this contrived paradigm, people are conditioned to give their energy only to the synthetic culture received through their screen. Cars and football, home makeovers and cooking, gossip and idolatry. It all amounts to the same thing: diversion. The magician’s misdirection distracts attention while the Illuminists siphon your consciousness out of your bottom. Just keep going round that hamster wheel. Round and round. Isn’t it pretty and fun and weird and you kind of can’t get off it.

The phenomenon of ‘predictive programming’ is heavily used on the screen. It presents and acclimatizes the public with new ideas and trends. Usually put forward in a fictional context (to circumvent issues of consent or morality), many of the events, technologies and social attitudes dipped into the collective consciousness are in fact already in the pipeline.

Taking this one step further, I propose that the screen actually seeds the imagination to manifest a pre-determined reality. Far from being the trivial plaything we are told it is, the imagination is a highly developed, super powerful holographic processor. It illustrates, energizes and manifests the world around us, whether we acknowledge it or not. It is the portal through which the universal field condenses thoughtforms into matter. The imagination directly formulates our experience of reality, as strongly now as it did when we were five years old. For this reason, it is imperative that we choose carefully what we put into our minds.

With mastery of our own imagination deactivated, the default setting is to mirror the incoming data stream. Output only what is input. With the modern adult mind discouraged from connecting with reality through actual felt experience, input is predictably derived from the mainstream media. The reality blueprint is transmitted, electronically and literally, from the screen. Trillions of screens.

From The Gross To The Subtle

As consciousness is moved to focus on one’s own evolution, and therefore interfacing with the universal field (which touches everything and everyone), it has the agreeable side effect of automatically vaporizing the psychic restraints of the Control System. Their mindjobs and imaginal seeding no longer function. Their solemn news broadcasts morph into ludicrous parodies. It becomes hard to take their propaganda and disinformation seriously anymore. By concentrating on the path, we free ourselves, expand our consciousness, benefit others and disempower the Control System.

Herein lies the mental transfer from the gross to the subtle. Consciousness creates reality. We are not helpless objects inside it, we make it. The solution is deceptively simple: free yourself and thereby regain sovereign control. Knowing this makes your mind hard to hijack and returns the power of creation back to the real masters of reality – us.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain ~ Carl Jung


Democratic Tyranny: Government Surveillance and The Trees

While reading an article on the evolution of wiretapping technology, and listening to my favorite Rush album (Hemispheres), a synapse circuit overloaded, and I felt compelled to record my thoughts for posterity. Here is my hastily written correlative shotgun thesis.

With the emergence of digital and cell phone technology in the 90’s, the spooks were losing the capability of spying on Americans. Something had to be done to ensure that 4th Amendment violations would continue unabated. Not to worry, a ball-busting series of negotiations between communications industry titans, the Feds, and supposed civil libertarians (the ACLU), paved the way for the current and future privacy erosions.

Jerry Berman was a veteran of the privacy wars, seemingly born for the role of liberal, dogmatic activist. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s, and, in 1967, his law degree, Berman began lobbying for the American Civil Liberties Union. He became an authority on the intersection of national security and technology, schooled by the exposure of illegal FBI spying operations aimed at political organizations, war protesters, and leftist activists. In 1978, Berman helped to craft the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which set new restrictions on the government’s domestic intelligence-gathering.

He was present at the creation of several important pieces of surveillance legislation, and he helped secure individual privacy protections. In playing his role, Berman didn’t adhere to a hard-and-fast position but instead embraced his own brand of “principled pragmatism.” By his logic, the interests of privacy and national security were not incompatible. If all sides — government, industry, civil-liberties activists — could find ways to “maximize the good and minimize the harm,” as he liked to say, they could strike a satisfactory balance and create workable laws.

This idea guided his work on FISA and other legislation, sometimes to the consternation of more-ideological activists who employed him to lobby Congress on their behalf. Perhaps that was because principled pragmatism recognized an unsavory reality: In Washington, those who show up to play the game make the rules. Negotiation requires sacrifice. Sacrifice requires flexibility. Some people would rather break than bend. But compromise is how things get done, and Berman accepted it. (source)

So as I am reading about that bit of sordid recent history while listening to Rush’s song The Trees. In the song, competing factions (the maples and the oaks) are having a bit of a squabble over collective vs. individual rights relating to sunlight and airspace. The maples formed a union, demanded equal rights, and the state intervened to police the dispute by way of force (hatchet, axe, and saw).

There is unrest in the forest,
There is trouble with the trees,
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas.

The trouble with the maples,
(And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light.
But the oaks can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made.
And they wonder why the maples
Can’t be happy in their shade.

There is trouble in the forest,
And the creatures all have fled,
As the maples scream “Oppression!”
And the oaks just shake their heads

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights.
“The oaks are just too greedy;
We will make them give us light.”
Now there’s no more oak oppression,
For they passed a noble law,
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe, and saw ~ Rush (The Trees)

I see these two battles as roughly synonymous. The maple’s cry for the right to more sunlight is akin to the psy-op brainwashed masses demand for more safety and security (through government surveillance). Both must be implemented through the use of force, effectively subjecting the right of the individual to the will of the majority. All hierarchal governmental structures operate in this manner.  Forcible interferences with human nature (i.e., natural rights, and individual liberty) are the inherent destructive by-product of any democratic system.

In the natural order of things, the animal and plant kingdoms resolve their disputes with prompt efficiency, as dictated by the laws of nature. Human be-ings haven’t embraced universal homeostatic equilibrium. Consequentially, a perpetual tug-of-war pits one group against another in an endless battle royal of individual rights vs. the mob-rule subjugation machine.

The maples’ demand for more sunlight prompted the invocation of authoritative power as a balancing mechanism. The security of the people is the justification employed to erode the privacy of the individual (a form of psychological violence).

Which prompts the question – do we still have a shared human nature?


Midnight Ravers and the Spiritual Apocalypse

Bob Marley was a soul prophet – a cat fully in tune with higher consciousness, or enlightenment. The Wailer’s song Midnight Ravers is a warning about spiritual death – the obliteration of the soul. Gender confusion, feminism, and the destruction of the mind are the employed weapons. What is natural, beautiful, and innate should flourish unmolested. The complimentary balance of the sexes is a perfect example of the divine natural order.

A revolution of consciousness will soon be upon us. Those who are chained to the old dialectic (men v. women, gay v. straight, rich v. poor, Republican v. Democrat, U.S. v. the World, Black v. White, organized religion back-biting squabblers, etc.) will drown in the neo-diluvian spiritual waters.

The ten thousand riders with their faces covered are those who have abandoned their spiritual purpose. They are in blind allegiance to their false gods. Their pain and suffering defines their existence. If they ride on, they will see a better way.

Can't tell the woman from the man, no I say you can't
Cause they're dressed in the same pollution
Their mind is confused with confusion
With their problems since there's no solution

They become the midnight ravers
Someone say please don't let me down
Midnight ravers, midnight ravers
Please don't let me down, down, down, down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

I see ten thousand chariots
And they coming without horses
The riders they cover their face
So you couldn't make them out in smokey places

In that musical stampede where everyone's doing their
Musical stampede, people swinging
Musical stampede,
Some people say ride on
People riding
People ride on
People riding
People ride on
People riding
Midnight Ravers

I can't tell my woman from the man
She is dressed in the same pollution
Her mind is confused with confusion
To her problems seems there's never never no solution

I've become a night-life raver
And I'm begging you please don't let me down
Night-life ravers, night-life raver
Please, please don't let me down
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

I see ten thousand chariots
And they coming without horses yeah
The riders they cover their face
So you couldn't make them out in smokey places

In that musical stampede
Its the musical stampede
Its the musical stampede
Some preacher say
People ride on
People riding
People ride on
People riding
Midnight ravers, ride on ~ The Wailers (Midnight Ravers)

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds ~ Bob Marley

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