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Ludacris: The Lyrics of Hope or Hate?

The marginally talented rapper Christopher Bridges (stage name Ludacris) has just unleashed a vitriolic attack on women, senior citizens, and the disabled. The song is titled Politics: Obama Is Here, and stands as a constant reminder to all decent Americans that rap music should be censored in the name of human decency. A few disgusting lyrics from the song:

Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant

Can these type of misogynistic attacks be allowed in the post-Imus era? So Hillary Clinton roughed up Barry a bit on the campaign trial, so that makes her a bitch? I thought we had come far enough with respect to gender relations to put these hateful words to rest.

The Ludacris invoked bitter and painful memories of historical racial violence to instill fear in the hearts of White Americans. Why does the Ludacris want White people terrified?

The threats ain’t fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
So get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote!
Paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ’em terrified

Next, the rapper denigrates the senile pudding-brained U.S. Senator John McCain. He also manages to insult the mentally disabled by including Jorge Boosh in their ranks. The word handicap is a disparaging term that refers to physically and mentally disabled individuals who had to beg on the street corner with their hat in their hand. The Ludacris’s blatantly insensitive choice of words reveals a man with a depraved heart and no conscience for the afflicted.

McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped

Ludacris even went as far as requesting preferential treatment, in the form of a pardon, from a president Obama if he finds himself incarcerated. It seems that the Ludacris thinks that if a Democratic front-runner listens to your songs on the I-Pod, than you are guaranteed a VP slot on the ticket.

Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president

Please boycott the Ludacris by refusing to buy his albums or see any of his movies. He is a wanna-be gangsta rapper, a mama’s boy crybaby punk, and was pathetic in the movie “Crash.”


George W. Bush: Tales of a Mentally Incompetent Closet Drunk

BBC World captured video of lame duck U.S. president Jorge Boosh (whose Skull and Bones nickname is “Temporary”) drinking beer at the 2007 G8 conference. I missed it at the time due to the corporate controlled blackout media. Here is the 22 second video that is 100% guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, or write a letter in support of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment articles:

The funniest part of the clip is where Jorgie retardedly over-pours the beer onto the table, sits back for an oblivious giggle, and then quickly swallows the foam trying to hide his lack of table manners. It is evident that this drunken lout is more accustomed to sucking down cans of Bud Light, or slugging from a bourbon bottle, than enjoying a properly poured pint of lager.

Boosh is not only an alcoholic with a DUI track record (see other exploits here), but is also a supposedly born-again tee-tolling Christian. So, one may earnestly inquire, what is Jorgie doing drinking alcohol? Admittedly, the beer he is drinking is a low-alcohol Buckler (.5% ABV), but still. According to the 12 step organization Alcoholics Anonymous, complete abstinence from the sauce is critical for a proper recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous, the book — Dr.’s Opinion, Page xxvi, 3rd Edition:

“These allergic types can never safely use alcohol in any form at all;”

Alcoholics Anonymous, the book — Dr.’s Opinion, Page xxviii, 3rd Edition:

“The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence.”

The BBC World video clip noted that the next day,”President Bush was suffering from a stomach complaint and missed most of the talks with African leaders.” That is the BBC’s snarky way of reporting that Booshie moved onto to harder tipple after slamming his beer, and was suffering from a severe hangover prohibiting him from fulfilling his statesmen duties. I am sure he had no misgivings about skipping the African leader meetings; as Kanye West revealed at the Hurricane Katrina Relief concert fundraiser, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people“.

Boosh claimed to have given up drinking after waking up with a hangover after his 40th birthday celebration. According to the incompetent shrub, “I quit drinking in 1986 and haven’t had a drop since then.” It wouldn’t be the first, or the last, blatant lie that Jorge has heaped on the American public.

During a 1992 wedding reception (6 years after supposedly climbing on the wagon), Boosh drunkenly insulted the bride and her family members. He even manages to ridicule two of the bride’s family members for abstaining from alcohol. Jorge follows up his failed comic Q&A routine by slamming his alcoholic drink. A class act for sure. Here is the wedding video clip that should be preserved for generations to come.

In 2002, Bush claimed to have collapsed after choking on a pretzel while watching a football game. In reality (non Bush World), the executive buffoon got so liquored up that he passed out and smashed his face on a coffee table, leaving a large abrasion on his face. According to a book written by British Foreign Secretary Lord Owen, a blood sample sent to John Hopkins hospital contained significant amounts of alcohol.

From this Italian report, Jorgie’s 2007 G8 drinking binge was not an isolated event. During an official visit in Rome in June 2008, Boosh was sucking down red and white wine during an official lunch with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. Thankfully, Jorge will soon be an ex-prez, and will have all the time he needs to drown the memories of his failed presidency.

See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country and our people.. and neither do we.

– George W. Bush


John McCunt: The Wife-Loathing Misogynist

Is it newsworthy that John McCain called his wife a “cunt” in front of reporters? If not, why not?

Even though Cindy McCain is a pill head junkie thief who stole from her medical charity, refuses to disclose her tax returns containing war profits, pre-9/11 insider trading, secret off-shore accounts linked to 1241 Class C Nevada corporation payoffs and bribes, and is the heiress to an illegal bootlegging empire, did she deserve to be called a cunt for joking on her husband’s thinning hair? At least Cindy McCain wasn’t severely injured in a car accident and dumped by the pudding-brained, war-mongering, bloated turd-faced sinator like McNasty’s first wife.

At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt ~ John McCain to his wife Cindy


McCain for President?: You Decide

You have probably already asked yourself, what can I do to ensure a John McCain ’08 presidential victory? I mean who wouldn’t proudly support a man who:

  • After his wife (a pillhead junky Stepford clone who stole drugs from her own medical charity) joked about his thinning hair, McCain followed up with “at least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt”
  • Is a 3rd generation military war hero who traded intelligence to the enemy for preferential treatment at the Hanoi Hilton
  • Owes his entire political career to his new trophy wife’s beer fortune (after he cheated on and shit-canned his first wife)
  • Demonstrated his racial hatred by opposing a federal Martin Luther King Holiday
  • Received campaign donations and the use of a jet from Charles Keating (of Keating 5 Scandal fame), and then conspired with him to prevent banking regulators from seizing the the failed S&L (McCain was rebuked by the Senate Ethics Committee for his conduct)
  • Abandoned Vietnam War veteran issues such as POW/MIAs, and the use of Agent Orange, as a member of the 1991–1993 Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs
  • Trampled on the First Amendment and the right to political speech by sponsoring the McCain-Feingold Act.
  • Demonstrated his lack of principles, and political whoresmanship, by secretly negotiating a switch to the Democratic party and a role as John Kerry’s VP in 2004
  • Wrote the legislation that enacted the fraudulent 9/11 Commission that whitewashed “The New Pearl harbor”
  • Secretly brokered a back room deal with the “Gang of 14” to thrust a sweeping comprehensive immigration reform bill on the citizens without a meaningful opportunity to address concerns with their elected representatives
  • Strongly supported the Iraq War “surge” (death march) and boasted about 100 more years of Iraqi military occupation
  • Conspired with his telecom lobbyist girlfriend to draft favorable legislation for her clients by attempting to shape bills in committee.
  • Assaulted the elderly Strom Thurmond on the Senate floor
  • McCain said “I’m very proud to have Pastor Hagee’s support” (A man who said that Hitler was a hunter sent by God to chase the Jews out of Europe)
  • McCain is a CFR stooge, an unrepentant war-monger, and has zero control over his violent mood swings. Bob Smith, R-N.H., opined that McCain’s rage quotient “would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger.” But, if you want to help him become President, you can become a blog spy and propaganda agent for the McCain campaign.

    Here are the instructions from the McCain campaign’s own Internet headquarters:

    Select from the numerous web, blog and news sites listed here, go there, and make your opinions supporting John McCain known. Once you’ve commented on a post, video or news story, report the details of your comment by clicking the button below. After your comments are verified, you will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center.

    Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war ~ John McCain

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