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Dirty Limericks

asimov There was a young man from Peru,
who fell asleep in his canoe,
while dreaming of Venus,
he played with his penis
and woke up covered in goo

There once was a lady named Dot
Who lived off of pigshit and snot.
When she ran out of these
She ate the green cheese
That she grew on the sides of her twat

There was a young lady from the Azores
Whose box was all covered with sores
And the dogs in the street
Wouldn’t bark at the meat
Whick hung in festoons from her drawers

There was a young lady from Kew
Who said, as the bishop withdrew
Oh, the Vicar is quicker
And thicker and slicker
And four inches longer than you

There was a man from Nantucket
Whose cock was so long he could suck it
He said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin
If my ear were a cunt I could fuck it

fingersTwo lesbians north of the town
Made sixty-nine love on the ground
Their unbridled lust
Leaked out in the dust
And made so much mud that they drowned

I once knew a man from France

His hands played about in his pants

When he tickled his taint

He penis got spraint

And his nards did a quick little dance


There once was a Senator from Mass
Who wanted a strange piece of ass
He lucked up and found it
But fucked up and drowned it
And now his future is past

In the garden of Eden sat Adam,

Massaging the bust of his madam,

He chuckled with mirth,

For he knew that on earth,

There were only two boobs and he had ‘em


The Great Escape

Obama and Blagojevich

A few of questions come to mind after reading the above headline:

1. Why is Blagojevich’s taint chasing the president-elect?

2. What are the consequences of being captured by the hairy taint of a corrupt, Serbian, Charles Bronson wanna-be?

3. Is this some kind of euphemism for dirty Chicago politician sex-play?

In a desperate attempt to elude Blago’s heinous taint, Obama proffers a hasty denial concerning their Illinois senate seat replacement discussions. “I had no contact with the governor or his office and so we were not, I was not aware of what was happening.” The taint closes in with the revelation by David Axelrod (Obama’s Brain and primary handler) that “I know he’s talked to the governor, and there are a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them”. The tainted plot thickens.

Rod Blagojevich? Oh yeah... He is just some guy from my neighborhood.

Rod Blagojevich? Oh yeah... He is just some guy from my neighborhood.


“Oh… My God…” No Wonder They Call it Big Bubba!


The above image was taken from a brochure that was mailed to my old man. He is getting up there in years and has been stricken with a horrendous case of erectile dysfunction (soft dick syndrome). Unfortunately, he is also an easy mark who falls prey to every two-bit con artist hustler on the idiot box who promises a rock hard meat stick and the stamina of our most beloved male pornographic performers. As a result, he has ordered quite a few sexual enhancement products over the years and is on dozens of mailing lists.

Every so often I have to urge him to return these products before the trial period expires so he can get his money back from the cons and the hucksters. I explained to him that male virility (and the blood engorged impaler) fulfills the biological necessity of procreation, and is not a tool for the sinful self-abuse of seniors. I pray every night to the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary teet-suckling baby Jesus that he will permanently reject these Luciferean pills, lotions, and erotic devices, seek eternal forgiveness for his corporeal sins, and bathe in the blood of the lamb.



Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana – Baphomet’s Sacrificial Offering

Miley Cyrus, daughter of Country Music singer Billy Ray Cyrus (known in the homosexual community as Silly Gay Virus due to his HIV+ status), is the sugar coated lure used to ensnare millions of unsuspecting young girls and teens into a life of sexual depravity and foregone innocence.

Miley is yet another mind-controlled sex slave in an endless succession – including the Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the freckle-faced lesbian Lindsay Lohan. The photo above, which captures a naughty post-coital Miley, will be burned into the minds of millions of impressionable girls.

Cyrus’s handlers gave her the stage name Hannah Montana when she performs. Children like Miley have been systematically conditioned and abused to create fractured alters in the mind. The multiple personalities that develop as a result are manipulated for a desired purpose. In Miley’s case, the goal is the sexual de-conditioning of a generation of young girls in the furtherance of societal implosion.

Currently, Cyrus’s current role is the emerging post-pubescent nymphomaniac in training (comparable to Britney Spears “Oops! I Did it Again” phase). Soon, she will be forcefully graduated to the soft porn slut category, and join the likes of Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton in the soulless and sickening skin trade.

The above photo is a disgusting display of pedophilic and incest promoting cultural programming. Billy Ray’s flowing locks, his tattoo, and his earring depict a man who openly flaunts moral conventions. What societal envelopes are there left to push these days, eh Billy? The father’s hand is covering the breast of his daughter while her mid-section is bare and her pelvis is jutting forward. Her arm is positioned to depict Billy’s erect penis excited by his daughter’s warm scantily clad body on top of his. A truly sickening display that was offered up in the most deplorable of publications – Vanity Fair.

Miley’s handlers have already set the groundwork for her future depraved money making ventures. Word leaked last month that Lifestyles Condoms was willing to offer the 15 year-old child $1 million to represent their sinful latex products. It won’t be long before Miley will be pimping Lifestyle’s meat wrappers, dental dams, and jack rabbits on late-night infomercials. I have the decency not to post the Isle of Lesbos lip locks photos of Miley and her young friend. Not going to do it, wouldn’t be prudent.

I started getting to the point where I was, ‘oh maybe this isn’t what I’m supposed to do’. ~ Miley Cyrus


Dick Cheney, Before He Dicks You!

Dick Cheney, before he dicks you. As this picture disturbingly demonstrates, you might not survive the initial rogering. What psychopathic pervert aims his loaded pecker meat at AP photographers and his shit-shooting coffee drinking buddies? No wonder the bastard’s ticker is always on the fritz, he can’t get any blood flow upstairs. Just kidding Dick, we love ya 🙂

I had other priorities in the 60’s than military service ~ Dick Cheney


Milkman Blues and the Legend of Scarface

For the uninitiated, Reid Fleming (World’s Toughest Milkman) is the baddest mofo ever to make a daily liquid bovine delivery. I highly recommend checking his scene out. Just don’t tell him I sent you.

Milkman Blues

Probably the worst part about being locked up at the age of 16, and spending my entire 17th year in a minimum security institution, is that I lost out on more than a few amorous adventures. By the time I was shuttled off, I was making steady progress with coitus time-extension techniques (involving regulated breathing and conjuring up horrific anti-libidinous mental images). Being uprooted from the sweet stank that early in the game was akin to drafting Muhammad Ali in his prime. Ali didn’t want to fight no VC (just like I didn’t want to lick the sauce). Luckily, while in the lock-up, I had my memories and a bottle of lotion to stave off the insufferable threat of nocturnal emission (Once, I had awoken in a sheet-stained puddle of my own gizzum [I think], and swore it would never happen again).

I kept my business discreet as possible, unlike many of my fellow incarcerees. Some blokes would fashion a device they had termed a “Fifi”, which consisted of a latex glove filled with lotion stuffed in a tube sock. They said if you bled enough air out of the glove and tied it just right it would recreate the sensation of a female reproductive organ. I couldn’t be bothered with obtaining the supplies, or worrying if “Fifi” would successfully fulfill my carnal urges. Besides, being caught with one would get you a lengthy stay in the Investment unit.

A lot of cats took a perverse pleasure in the open display of their milking behaviors. There was mop-headed Texan named Eubanks that had a real problem with that shit. He kept a crusty wash cloth under his pillow that he refused to have laundered which reminded me of Linus and his dirty ass blanket. I renamed Eubanks “U Spanks” (and alternatively “Spew Banks”) due to his blatant masturbatory habits.

Unfortunately, there was a dearth of attractive female stimuli to download for later masturbatory fodder. There was a girl’s campus across town and they would bring a batch of them over to our campus from time to time to graze. I rarely made my way over to talk to any of them because if I couldn’t take it to the next level, I didn’t want to antagonize my satchel with the blues. Until liberty could be achieved, I managed with a semi-nude black and white Cindy Crawford bookmark.

The Legend of Scarface

I cannot remember Scarface’s real name, but that isn’t important. He was one of a very select few who successfully managed to escape from our teenage prison. Scarface was a handsome bronze-skinned surfer who hailed from San Diego. He earned his moniker due to an evil looking scar running down his cheek. Although he was 17, he could easily have passed for 25. He was a doper and a bloke of few words. Scarface stuck to himself and quietly plotted his exodus.

One day Scarface came up to me and a couple of mates one Saturday afternoon while we were hanging out in our living quarters. He was holding a bottle of Aqua Velva aftershave and had a simple request. Scarface told us he was go into a bathroom stall to drink the bottle (attempting an SD alcohol buzz). He wanted one of us to go into the stall in a few minutes to check on him to see if he passed out. If we found him sprawled out on the floor, he asked that we drag him into his bunk to avoid being found by the unit counselor. We agreed and Scarface set off to alter his mind. He emerged a couple of minutes later a little groggy-eyed with the acknowledgment of a failed experiment.

Scarface had been sending secretly coded letters to his surfer mates back in San Diego in order to effectuate a covert extraction. To this day I cannot figure out how he managed the timing and the logistics. Given that we were hundreds of miles away from Southern California, and all correspondences were reviewed, redacted, or trashed, the likelihood of a successful escape was near zero.

I remember the morning vividly. We were led down to breakfast on a weekday morning per our schedule. One or two of the kids were chosen to take out the dirty clothes to the laundry unit right outside of the lunch hall. I dunno how, but Scarface made sure that he was gonna be the cat to take the duds out that morning. The last glimpse I caught of him was toting that duffel bag out into the foggy morning. He bolted down the long driveway and managed to meet up with his waiting buds.

I am still in awe of this daring escape. We talked about it for weeks and months afterwards, always expecting to see him back among us. The thing was is that Scarface straight didn’t give a fuck. I learned a lot from that cat.


STDs, AIDS, and Abortion: Your Right to Know

As a follow up to Tommy Toilet’s helpful advice on proper bum cleaning techniques, this installment addresses the horrible afflictions that can result when your naughty bits are misused. The first four posters dealing with the scourge of syphillis and gonorrhea are from the 1940s.

This next batch addresses the dangers of a virus created by U.S. government scientists in the 1970s. A couple of thoughts on these. First, Indian broads have to be getting sick and damn tired of recreating all those circus freak Kama Sutra contortions. Also, Condoman’s sex advice recommendation to “be game” seems to promote the stereotype of the hyper-sexual Black man. What’s wrong with “be monogamous” or “be a faithful spouse.”

This one is just flippin’ hilarious. It deals with the clams. What exactly is this California clinic insinuating with the bi-racial prom pairing? Would daddy’s little princess not have gotten the clams from a roll in the limo with a lighter complected classmate of European-American extraction?

This one is from the Abortion Eve comic book that came out in 1973. You see, vacuum-powered fetal extraction had just become legal that year, and the girls needed a little help with their decision making. Blondie’s desperate attempt to invoke moral judgment on the issue of infanticide is laughable these days (40 million bio-hazard bags can’t be wrong).

Abstinence is the safest route if you want to be healthy, clean, and suitable marriage material. But, if you got to get down, wrap your meat tight and use a dental dam. Don’t be stupid folks!


Aleister Crowley’s “White Stains” (Hidden Seminal Poetry)

As legend holds, Aleister Crowley was “The Wickedest Man in the World.” Born in 1875, Crowley was a British occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, yogi, and opium addict. He figured prominently in several occult organizations including: the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the A∴A∴, and Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.).

In 1898, Crowley published a work of poetry entitled White Stains. The topics in this work included homosexuality, pederasty, bestiality, corprophilia, and necrophilia. Printed in Amsterdam, “White Stains” had an initial run of only 100 copies, most of them were seized and burned by British customs. I have excerpted several of the poems for your reading pleasure.


Boys tempt my lips to wanton use,
And show their tongues, and smile awry,
And wonder why I should refuse
To feel their buttocks on the sly,
And kiss their genitals, and cry:
‘Ah! Ganymede, grant me one night!’
This is the one sweet mystery:
A strong man’s love is my delight!

To feel him clamber on me, laid
Prone on the couch of lust and shame,
To feel him force me like a maid
And his great sword within me flame,
His breath as hot and quick as fame;
To kiss him and to clasp him tight;
This is my joy without a name,
A strong man’s love is my delight.

To feel again his love grow grand
Touched by the langour of my kiss;
To suck the hot blood from my gland
Mingled with fierce spunk that doth hiss,
And boils in sudden spurted bliss;
Ah! God! the long-drawn lusty fight!
Grant me eternity of this!
A strong man’s love is my delight!


Let my fond lips but drink thy golden wine,
My bright-eyed Arab, only let me eat
The rich brown globes of sacramental meat
Steaming and firm, hot from their home divine,
And let me linger with thy hands in mine,
And lick the sweat from dainty dirty feet
Fresh with the losse aroma of the street,
And then anon I’ll glue my mouth to thine.


The month of thirst is ended. From the lips
That hide their blushes in the golden wood
A fervent fountain amorously slips,
The dainty rivers of thy luscious blood;
Red streams of sweet nepenthe that eclipse
The milder nectar that the gods hold good–
How my dry throat, held hard between thy hips,
Shall drain the moon-wrought flow of womanhood!



Her other hand is mischievous
To bid the monster Dane grow mad,
His red-haw gaze grows mutinous,
Her eyes have lost the calm they had,
My body grows all amorous.

I yield him place: his ravening teeth
Cling hard to her — he buries him
Insane and furious in the sheath
She opens for him — wide and dim
My mouth is amorous beneath.

Nor move, though now essays the Dane
To cool his weapon in my mouth;
Her lust bestrides me, and is fain
To quench in his sweet sweat her drouth
Her finger probes my bowel again.

All three enjoy once more, and I
Am ready ever to renew
These bestial orgie-nights, whereby
Loose woman’s love is spiced, as dew
On tender spray of spring doth lie.


My nostrils sniff the luxury
Of flesh decaying, bowels torn
Of festive worms, like Venus, born
Of entrails foaming like the sea.

Yea, thou art dead. Thy buttocks now
Are swan-soft, and thou sweatest not;
And hast a strange desire begot
In me, to lick thy bloody brow;

To gnaw thy hollow cheeks, and pull
Thy lustful tongue from out it’s sheath;
To wallow in the bowels of death,
And rip thy belly, and fill full

My hands with all putridities;
To chew thy dainty testicles;
To revel with the worms in Hell’s
Delight in such obscenities;

To pour within thine heart the seed
Mingled with poisonous discharge
From a swollen gland, inflamed and large
With gonorrhoea’s delicious breed;

To probe thy belly, and to drink
The godless fluids, and the pool
Of rank putrescence from the stool
Thy hanged corpse gave, whose luscious stink

Excites these songs sublime. The rod
Gains new desire; dive, howl, cling, suck,
Rave, shreik, and chew; excite the fuck,
Hold me, I come! I’m dead! My God!

“Modern morality and manners suppress all natural instincts, keep people ignorant of the facts of nature and make them fighting drunk on bogey tales” ~ Aleister Crowley


Satanic Ritual Child Sex Abuse: The McMartin Case Revisited


The rampant sexual abuse and emotional traumatization of children by the U.S. government, or at its direction, is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Government-directed mind control cults specialize in dissociative conditioning, a regimen of physical and psychological beatings that give birth to a cluster of alter personalities.

MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MKULTRA. Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities. The methods were conducted primarily on children because they are easier to break down psychologically, due to their primitive stage of emotional and cognitive development.

Child pornography rings have operated for decades to satiate our Luciferian official’s carnal desires. They are also employed as a means to blackmail potential threats to the power elite. The Emporer’s Club, a Mossad run operation that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a more recent example of the use of sex to control our leaders, and to purge them when it is deemed necessary.

The Finder’s Cult and Franklingate were cases of CIA affiliated child sex abuse/dissociative conditioning operations run in the United States. Dr. Nahman H. Greenberg, is a prominent child abuse psychiatric consultant who designed a psychological profile to identify the personality characteristics of abused children. He was a expert witness in the McMartin trial, and was later used by the government to discredit his own work, and the claims of young sex abuse victims. The CIA created a front group called The False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) to debunk, ridicule, and defame victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, pedophilic sexual abuse, and CIA cult mind control activities. The board members of FMSF reads like a Who’s Who of CIA contractors and “consultants”.


The widespread reporting of sexual abuses occurring in child daycares flooded our newspapers and televisions in the 1980’s. The most infamous example was the McMartin Preschool case out of Manhattan Beach, California. Over 350 of the children who attended the McMartin daycare indicated that they had been sexually abused. The accounts included: animal sacrifice, ritualistic sexual abuse, underground tunnels, necrophelia, corprophelia, bestiality, and the photographing and videotaping of the children while being sexually abused.

The following excerpt is a letter concerning the McMartin investigation. It was written by Sergeant Beth Dickerson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and sent to Agent Kenneth Lanning at the FBI Academy’s Behavioral Sciences Unit in Quantico, Virginia, dated February 10, 1985:

In all, the victims named seven teachers (six women and one male) at the preschool as having molested them. Also named are about 30 other individuals still uncharged, as well as numerous unidentified ‘strangers.’

Most children state they were photographed in the nude… They mention drinking a red or pink liquid that made them sleepy… Children disclose animal sacrificing (bunnies, ponies, turtles, etc.) and some of this occurred in churches. Victims describe sticks put in their vaginas and rectums and also being ‘pooped’ and ‘peed’ on. Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.

These children talk of strangers coming to the school and molesting them, being taken off campus and molested, being photographed nude and some talk of animals being abused. The children talk of being hit with sticks and of being ‘peed’ and ‘pooped’ on…

The organization Children’s Institute International conducted a study on the childhood victims from the McMartin school, and two other Manhattan Beach daycares. They determined that “a full eighty percent displayed physical symptoms, including vaginal or rectal scarring, anal bleeding, painful bowel movements, and the ‘anal wick reflex’ associated with violent penetration.”

The McMartin trial was travesty of injustice. Due to procedural matters, and the peculiar deaths (or framed suicides) of ace witnesses, the trial ended with no convictions. The following blocked quotes are from this source.

The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the McMartin trials, due to statute of limitations issues. Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony because they were too severely traumatized. Prosecutors had at their disposal “more than a hundred child witnesses as old as eleven and a truckload of medical reports bearing documentation of scarred genitals and anuses.”

District Attorney Ira Reiner inexplicably dropped all charges against five of the seven McMartin defendants on January 17, 1986. Six days before that, he had summarily dismissed two prosecutors on the case. At least three-dozen suspects who had been independently identified by numerous witnesses were never indicted at all.

The deaths surrounding the trial are intriguing. The woman who brought the first charges of her child being abused, a prior Hermosa Beach detective who was investigating the case, and a suspect known as the “Wolfman”, all mysteriously turned up dead.

Judy Johnson, the first McMartin parent to lodge a complaint, never delivered her scheduled testimony. Her body was found sprawled naked on the floor of her home, her death said to be due to complications from her chronic alcoholism (despite having no previous mental or alcohol problems).

Paul Bynum, who had been hired by the parents of victims as a private investigator, turned up dead on the eve of his scheduled testimony. His death by gunshot was ruled a suicide, though those close to Bynum dispute that finding. Among other things, Bynum may have testified about his examination of the tunnel excavation project conducted at the school site (and the findings of animal bones that would have corroborated the children’s claims of animal slaughter).

The suspect known by the children as “Wolfman”, was Robert Winkler. The kids described Winkler as being a frequent visitor to the school, who oftentimes delivered drugs for use in abusive rituals, which were sometimes conducted in churches, a cemetery, or a crematorium. The “Wolfman” turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly of a drug overdose.

Information emerged before the trial verifying the children’s claims that there were tunnels underneath the McMartin Preschool where much of the abuse was alleged to have occurred. Due to a corrupt District Attorney, and a collusive media black out operation, the information was suppressed.

E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D., a highly regarded archaeologist, and a consultant to George Lucas on the Indiana Jones movies, found two underground tunnel complexes, as well as previously unrecognized structural features which defied logical explanation. Both tunnel complexes conformed to locations and functional descriptions established by children’s reports.

Our children our the most vulnerable members of our society. When they are sadistically abused, tortured, and raped, it brings Johnnypeepers great pain. When our elected officials, and their agency henchmen, perpetrate this abuse, it is indicative of a systemic cancer in our government.

I implore you to research our government’s involvement and cover-up of child sex-abuse rings for yourself. The Franklingate files would be an excellent start. On June 29, 1989, The Washington Times broke this story of a homosexual child sex ring being given tours of the Bush 41 White House. I highly recommend the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. Although it was listed in TV guide to air on May 3, 1994, it was censored by our government and did not make it to your living room. See for yourself what the fuss was about.

“The world is governed by people far different from those imagined by the public.” Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of Britain

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