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AIDS Awareness: Combating the Menace with Propaganda



I am of the hastily formed opinion that public service announcements and media campaigns have a negligible effect on the reduction of sexually transmitted diseases. Some folks are just neurally hard-wired for the frequent random ugly bumpers train ride – the stranger, the slipperyier, and the more dangerouser the better. Bootknocking is a powerful-arsed drug that some folks ain’t willing to kick no matter the risk. You can preach all day on the health risks of unprotected dugans and the necessity for dental dams during a catwash, but the message fades fast when the drug of choice, or the nympho programming, commandeers the thrill-seeking hominid.

Despite my thoughts on the matter, I am rooting for the decent-hearted folks out there who are desperately trying to dissuade the owners of tainted meatsicles and festering furburgers from wreaking more havoc on the global health front. Maybe there are a few folks out there, who after seeing one of these messages, will think twice before sinking the pink, or puncturing the choco-starfish, without a raincoat.


These next two posters emphasize the dangers of blindfolded bloody knife fellatin’ and gigantic furry arachnid eroticism.


I am not really sure what the peckerhead in the tub is trying to communicate (cleanliness is next to disease-freeidness?), but the marbled cemetery boffers are definitely driving the point home.


Our Christian brothers and sisters have a more simple-minded approach to battling the scourge of pre-marital pregnancy and naughty-bits affliction. The cartoon below is from a Canadian website that promotes the scientific evidence for creation and exposes the intolerant pagan teachings of Islam (from an assuredly unbiased perspective).


Since when did women get all this lust-conquering willpower? 6,000 years ago they couldn’t even turn down a bit of apple from a legless tree-dweller (with adequate warning I might add). And screw you Adam Kadmon – you was a sucker any damn way.

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STDs, AIDS, and Abortion: Your Right to Know


In Loving Memory of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright

eazyI don’t drink Brass monkey, like the beat funky, nickname Eazy-E, your Eight-Ball junky

Eric Wright (Eazy-E) was a high school dropout, drug-dealing Kelly Park Compton Crip gangster, and founding member of the hardcore rap group N.W.A. (No Whites Allowed). Wright was a gate-crashing pioneer in the gangster rap genre, and later achieved critical acclaim as a solo artist. Eric is no longer with us as he passed into Heaven on March 26, 1995 (Year of our Lord).

Mr. Wright was a staunch supporter of the Republican party. He donated thousands of dollars to assist their efforts to rescue the impoverished Black community. Recognizing Eric’s contributions, he was invited to a lunch benefiting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle hosted by President George H. W. Bush.

eazy-duz-it1Eric Wright was also an ardent supporter of law enforcement (the Los Angeles Police Department in particular). A smear campaign against Wright and members of his former N.W.A. posse was launched in the 80’s claiming that their anthem “Fuck tha Police” promoted violence against police officers. In early 1993, Eazy spoke out in support of Theodore Briseno, a LAPD police officer involved in the Rodney King beating.

Possessing a powerful libido, and eschewing the normal conventions of sexual morality, Wright spread his seed far and wide. He fathered seven beautiful children from six different women. Wright was a lover of his female groupies, but warned those of the male sex “to get the hell off.”

wrightWright was diagnosed with AIDS and his health deteriorated rapidly. He spoke openly about the God-directed plague sent to strike down sodomites, sexual debaucherers, and homosexuals. He warned his legions of fans about the dangers of unprotected anal sex with hood rats and intravenous drug users. In making his affliction public, Wright claimed his purpose was “to save their asses before it’s too late.”

In memory of Eazy-E, here is a sample of his lyrics from the song “Boyz in da Hood.” This song crystallizes the artistic essence of the legendary rap pioneer.

Left to get ma girl to rock that body
before I left, I hit the Bacardi
Went to her house to get her out of the pad
Dumb hoe said something that made me mad
She said something that I couldn’t believe
so I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy-ass weave
she started talking shit, wouldn’t you know
Reached back like a pimp, slapped the hoe

8ball1Eazy, I know you up there in heaven cruising your ’64 Impala to the liquor store to get another 40oz. of Eight-Ball. If you wreck that six-fo, I know you will throw it in the gutter and God will provide another. Lil-Eazy (The Prince of Compton) is carrying on your message of gangster hope and redemption. We got a West-Coaster (Hawaiian) in the White House too. You are missed dear friend – peace and love.


STDs, AIDS, and Abortion: Your Right to Know

As a follow up to Tommy Toilet’s helpful advice on proper bum cleaning techniques, this installment addresses the horrible afflictions that can result when your naughty bits are misused. The first four posters dealing with the scourge of syphillis and gonorrhea are from the 1940s.

This next batch addresses the dangers of a virus created by U.S. government scientists in the 1970s. A couple of thoughts on these. First, Indian broads have to be getting sick and damn tired of recreating all those circus freak Kama Sutra contortions. Also, Condoman’s sex advice recommendation to “be game” seems to promote the stereotype of the hyper-sexual Black man. What’s wrong with “be monogamous” or “be a faithful spouse.”

This one is just flippin’ hilarious. It deals with the clams. What exactly is this California clinic insinuating with the bi-racial prom pairing? Would daddy’s little princess not have gotten the clams from a roll in the limo with a lighter complected classmate of European-American extraction?

This one is from the Abortion Eve comic book that came out in 1973. You see, vacuum-powered fetal extraction had just become legal that year, and the girls needed a little help with their decision making. Blondie’s desperate attempt to invoke moral judgment on the issue of infanticide is laughable these days (40 million bio-hazard bags can’t be wrong).

Abstinence is the safest route if you want to be healthy, clean, and suitable marriage material. But, if you got to get down, wrap your meat tight and use a dental dam. Don’t be stupid folks!

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