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Ronnie Raygun: The Youtube Chronicles

I found a few interesting clips on the Youtube featuring cowboy Ronnie, America’s 40th president. The first clip features two speech excerpts (one at the U.N.) where Reagan ruminates on the unifying effect that the threat of an alien invasion would have on Earth’s leaders and inhabitants.

During Reagan’s second term, it was obvious that the Soviets were bankrupt, and no longer a viable national security threat. A new fear-inducing bogeyman menace was needed to maintain the government psychopath’s control over the populace. This existential threat was dropped in favor of the “Clash of Civilizations” narrative using religion and cultural differences to pit man against man. The CIA funded and trained Islamic Jihadist took the place of the space invader as a means to manipulate the people using fear and religious-based hatred.

In the next clip, an anti-nuclear protester (possibly one of the Bee Gees) storms the stage while Ronnie is giving a speech in Las Vegas. The man shatters a large crystal award that was given to Reagan by the National Association of Broadcasters sending shards of glass into his face. The take down was swift and comical.

This is a commercial Reagan did for Boraxo soap. A young Patti Davis was even brought into the ad to drive home the evil soap-pushers clean hands agenda. Ronnie always delivered his lines just like he was told.

This next clip features Ronnie telling a bald-faced lie (or possibly the truth) regarding the Iran-Contra fiasco. There was much that Reagan was kept out of the loop on during his reign. George H.W. Bush controlled the shots in the Reagan years just like Sith Lord Cheney does today. This clip reminds me of Clinton’s finger-wagging denial of having “sexual relations with that woman.”

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan

If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us ~ George H.W. Bush

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