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Coitus Reservatus

coitusCoitus Reservatus – Latin for jizz preservation during a gut pummeling expedition.

I dunno who came up with the idea, but to each his own. Muthafuckas get their kicks (or don’t) in a myriad of ways it seems. I know the chicks probably dig the Gordon Sumner-esque lothario who can generate multiple O’s with his Tantric sex magick shenanigans, but I got to trigger the Mount Dicksuvius white lava flow in order to call it a successful night.

from Wikipedia:

The primary purpose of karezza (seed denial) is the maintenance, and indeed, intensification of desire and enjoyment of sexual pleasure within the context of long-term relationships. According to Dr. Stockham, it takes from two weeks to a month for the body to recover from ejaculation …”Unless procreation is desired, let the final propagative orgasm be entirely avoided”. If ejaculation is experienced more frequently, the effect is to ‘drain the basin’ before it has been replenished. This, in turn, induces feelings of irritation and rejection of the lover, as the body seeks to prevent further ejaculation.

There are some who believe there are negative effects to the practice as follows: coitus reservatus is not a reliable form of preventing STDs, as the penis leaks pre-cum, which may contain all of the same infectious viral particles and bacteria as semen. The method is also unreliable because of the difficulty of controlling ejaculation beyond the point of no return in over-reaching the orgasm. HEL231984Another difficulty of this method as a form of birth-control is that if the man begins to nut (before ejaculation proper begins), the muscles can tense tightly in the lower body, such as legs and buttocks, causing the removal of the penis to be difficult. This could cause some ejaculate to enter his partner.

The Oneida Community, founded in the nineteenth century by John Humphrey Noyes, experimented with coitus reservatus which was then called male continence in a religiously Christian Communist environment. The experiment lasted for about a quarter of a century and then Noyes went on to create Oneida silverware and establish the Oneida Silver Co.



According to B. Z. Goldberg, writing in The Sacred Fire, for the Jews “…the intentional loss of semen is an unpardonable sin.”

Prince Aly Khan, former vice president of the U.N. General Assembly representing Pakistan, married Rita Hayworth and was nicknamed “Santa Claus”, perhaps by Orson Welles, because he only came once a year.

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