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King Kill 33 – Masonic Sorcery and the JFK Assassination


by James Shelby Downard & Michael A. Hoffman II


The power of the Secret Government over the news media continues unabated. During the time of the Watergate scandal, major scandals of the  past were reviewed; but the torture and murder of Captain William Morgan in 1826, from which  developed an anti-Mason political party which challenged Freemason Andrew Jackson for the  presidency (General Jackson was involved with the Bell Witch) and the murder of Joseph Smith the Mormon prophet, which resulted in the men of the Mormon Church withdrawing from “Freemasonry” — were major scandals that were ignored.

The Kennedy assassination has to do with Masonic Sorcery and the information I present in these pages is well-known to certain news agencies who have chosen to suppress it, just as the motivation for the assassination has been plunged into cryonic secrecy; for facts concerning the assassination are supposed to be revealed in the  future, which is a matter of public knowledge.  That freeze — wait — revive plan is part of the master  plan of Masonic Sorcery.

The ability of the Secret Government to immobilize the release of vital information to the public is in part due to the apathy of American people who have been benumbed by revelation after revelation. It is a peculiar phenomena that certain revelations move people to action while episodic revelations of the same type stun them into inaction.

I have devoted years to trying to draw attention to Masonic Sorcery and its relationship to political control. I believe that many people instinctually realize the power that “Freemasonry” exerts on the Government of the United States; but since they have been Hoodwinked they do not realize what the secrecy, silence and darkness that surrounds the mysteries of the “Masonic Art” amounts to and what Masonry really is. So control  of the Government of the United States is just traced to Wall St., and not to the Cross Roads of witchcraft.

An archetype of betrayal of the “common man ” i.e. the “vulgar herd ” has been and is going on and the betrayal which involves a great deal of Fertility and Death symbolism is seemingly motivated by the endeavor to bring about syncretism in opposing principles of a mystic power, and to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World Government.

It is by way of Masonic Sorcery that the union of opposing principles is supposed to be brought about and the people that practice Masonic Sorcery are Arch Criminals who have been and are perpetrating a crime against humanity.

The Arch Criminals staged-managed Dallas in the killing of Kennedy and the news media reaction ever since. There are today thousands or perhaps millions who are apathetic to the control that exists over us, and who labor under the misapprehension that somehow life can be beautiful if we only forget and discard our ideals while getting on to the business of consumption.

America is a news ghetto where the news media continually endeavors to promote apathy while going through the motions, the lip-synch, of reform. Like a haunted house draining its occupants of will in return for sleep without nightmares, American people are mental captives of a Horror that feeds them misinformation as its stone bell tolls the death of individuality. There is no happy last minute rescue awaiting just around tomorrow because Americans do not have the truth about things around which to rally, and most just want money which would enable them to get the things that they have been told that they should and must have.


“It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the  investigations of the higher Masonry, and it is  only in this way that any connection can be  created between the two sciences”.
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

“When the ancients saw a scapegoat, they could at least recognize him for what he was:  a pharmakos, a human sacrifice. When modern man sees one, he does not, or refuses to,  recognize him for what he is; instead he looks for ‘scientific’ explanations — to explain away  the obvious.”
Thomas Szasz, Ceremonial Chemistry

The “science of names” forms only one segment of the science of symbolism used by Masons.  Names i.e. words in themselves are merely descriptions and they rise and fall in usage like a cartesian doll with some words becoming archaic very quickly. What’s more some words are given meanings that are known only to the initiated while other words are profound and abstruse so the “science of names” gets real weird even before it is identifiable as word wizardry by beginning investigators of it.

The JFK assassination encounters this science in a decisive way and contains a veritable nightmare of  symbol- complexes having to do with violence, perversion, conspiracy, death and degradation.  These elements are important not only as cause-and-effect in the murder of a president but in the ensuing reaction of the people of America and the world.

The fertility and death symbolism in the ‘killing of the king’ rite which is part of Greening Ritualism that has to do with JFK has been suppressed because examination of it must necessarily link it to “Freemasonry” and its mysticism as well as to the political influence it exerts. Obviously this would do some damage to public  confidence in:

a. Masonic progressivism i.e. liberty, equality, fraternity;

b. those who have shielded the conspirators and

c. the entire mental concept that passes for knowledge about the genuine nature of the government of these United States.

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Kerry Thornley: Merry Madman, Genius, and Apple Cart Upsetting Extraordinaire


Kerry Thornley is a name recognized by few, despite his intriguing role in the counter-culture movement, Neo-Paganism, the underground “zine” scene, and deep politics. Thornley was co-founder of the Discordian Society, a multiple aliased writer, a Marine pal of Lee Harvey Oswald, a possible MK-ULTRA mind control victim (who eventually became embroiled in Jim Garrison’s JFK assassination investigation), and a long-time staple of Atlanta’s bohemian Little 5 Points neighborhood. Thornley’s exploits have been thoroughly documented in Adam Gorightly’s book The Prankster and the Conspiracy.

principiaThornley’s early introduction into the realm of high weirdness began with his Mormon upbringing. Thornley and his childhood friend, Greg Hill, co-authored Principia Discordia, Or, How I Found Goddess, And What I Did To Her When I Found Her. Their comedy religion was dedicated to Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos, strife, and discord (Eris had the distinction of bumping Pluto for the position of the 9th largest planet in the solar system). According to Robert Anton Wilson, the Illuminatus! Trilogy books were an attempt to build a myth around Discordianism. Thornley’s embrace of Anarchism, Atheism, Objectivism, Neo-Paganism, Buddhism, and particularly Discordianism, cemented his role as an unbridled individualist hell-bent on Earthly ride enjoyment.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s pre-JFK assassination exploits were memorialized in “The Idle Warriors”, a book that earned Thornley the attention of the Warren Commission. Jim Garrison attempted to subpoena Thornley regarding his role as the “second Oswald”. Numerous baffling coincidences tie Oswald to Thornley, including their military comaradarie, the fact that they lived in the same New Orleans neighborhood, and Thornley’s repeated run-ins with a vast assortment of CIA and JFK assassination conspiracy figures. Later, Thornley was convinced that he was a victim of CIA MK-ULTRA mind-control experimentation, was being spied on by his close friends, and that he was the product of Vril, a Nazi genetic experiment.

Kerry spend the remainder of his life traveling, contributing to and editing underground newspapers, and handing out fliers on street corners. After settling in Atlanta, Thornley pursued his vocational interest in dish-washing at a number of Little 5 Point restaurants and resided in the back room of the A Cappella bookstore. Thornley died of cardiac arrest on November 28, 1998 at the age of 60. Following a Buddhist memorial service, his body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.


If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe ~ Kerry W. Thornley

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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