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I been getting a lot of e-mails from the Nigerian phishing brigade. I reckon that they have foreseen the impending U.S. economic collapse, and are attempting to fleece the remaining 401K reserves from the lobotomized baby-boomers. I appreciate their gung-ho entrepreneurial drive, but my delete button finger is getting a little tired.

Paris Hilton has stepped into the ’08 Presidential foray, albeit in a defensive posture. The pudding brained senile warmonger Repukelian sinator invoked her image for one of his despicable Atwater/Rovian style smear ads. Paris said she will “see you at the debate bitches.” I think that is kinda cute.

The Bush/Cheney crime family fascists are still up to their old shenanigans. Civil liberty deprivations, the unconstitutional surveillance of innocent Americans, and the demonization of the Iranians all being on the front burner. Once this evil cabal sews up the Caspian oil pipeline, then we will know peace.

Does anyone really give two shits about the Chinese Olympics? The OIC turned a blind eye when the Chinese laid down their totalitarian demands. 300,000 spy cameras, censored Internet access, state-provided cell phones, hotel surveillance. The OIC said they did not want to get involved in politics. When you award the Olympics to a human rights depriving police state, you made a political decision.

The 2001 FBI Anthrax probe is a running joke. This government’s limited hang out story has been falling apart at the seams since it broke. The FBI’s hang man, Bruce Ivins, was conveniently suicided after being serially harassed by government operatives. His son was offered 2.5 million and a sports car to roll over on his pops. When feds have their media convicted hang man, who needs a trial? The sheep will eat it up and sleep well knowing that their mail boxes will be free of bio-toxin hazards.

It’s easy to get buried
In the past
When you try to make
A good thing last ~ Ambulance Blues – Neil Young

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