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American Myopia

I came across this picture today. My first thought was that the artist is probably giving way too much credit to the average American (and their geographical aptitude). Does the randomly selected college student have any clue about the Soviet Eastern Bloc states? Do they know about the forcefully acquired neo-colonial Pacific territories? Do they teach the kids these days about the nefarious global divide and conquer strategy employed by the Wall Street stooge FDR, Papa Joe Stalin, and Winston Gin Blossoms at the Yalta Conference?

The media psy-op brainwash machination is currently in overdrive. Iran is the supposed evil-doer that, if left unchecked, will usher us into apocalyptic nuclear oblivion. The dogs of war are being savagely whipped by the Neo-Con humanity destroyers who are desperately seeking their War of Terror hat trick. Considering that the CIA forcefully overthrew Iran’s democratically elected leader in 1953, and the U.S. gives over 3 billions dollars of military and financial aid a year to their antagonistic neighbor (with over 140 nuclear missiles), rational individuals can sympathize with the need for an Iranian defensive deterrent to U.S./Israeli aggression.

A majority of U.S. citizens, who are the benefactors of an economic hyper-power with the World’s greatest military arsenal, are blind to the responsibility this power requires. It is not hard to understand why my country is loathed on the World stage. The aggressive threat of force wielded by the maniacal sociopaths in the U.S. government is a symptom of diplomatic impotency. The inability of those in power to negotiate with the other kids in the sand box is a sign of inherent weakness. The problem is that, at some point, a bigger kid is going to come by and thrust their faces into the cat shit in the corner. Power wielded unjustly, and without respect for the weaker among us, has the tendency to create horrific unforeseen consequences due to the alliances of the subjugated.

That ends my political rant. Here is a lyric that sums up my current emotional state.

Waiting for the sun to shine
And you know sometimes it gets so painful
Just like talking to yourself
When everything don’t seem to have no rhyme or reason we all go
Waiting for the sun to shine
~ Van Morrison (Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball


Ronnie Raygun: The Youtube Chronicles

I found a few interesting clips on the Youtube featuring cowboy Ronnie, America’s 40th president. The first clip features two speech excerpts (one at the U.N.) where Reagan ruminates on the unifying effect that the threat of an alien invasion would have on Earth’s leaders and inhabitants.

During Reagan’s second term, it was obvious that the Soviets were bankrupt, and no longer a viable national security threat. A new fear-inducing bogeyman menace was needed to maintain the government psychopath’s control over the populace. This existential threat was dropped in favor of the “Clash of Civilizations” narrative using religion and cultural differences to pit man against man. The CIA funded and trained Islamic Jihadist took the place of the space invader as a means to manipulate the people using fear and religious-based hatred.

In the next clip, an anti-nuclear protester (possibly one of the Bee Gees) storms the stage while Ronnie is giving a speech in Las Vegas. The man shatters a large crystal award that was given to Reagan by the National Association of Broadcasters sending shards of glass into his face. The take down was swift and comical.

This is a commercial Reagan did for Boraxo soap. A young Patti Davis was even brought into the ad to drive home the evil soap-pushers clean hands agenda. Ronnie always delivered his lines just like he was told.

This next clip features Ronnie telling a bald-faced lie (or possibly the truth) regarding the Iran-Contra fiasco. There was much that Reagan was kept out of the loop on during his reign. George H.W. Bush controlled the shots in the Reagan years just like Sith Lord Cheney does today. This clip reminds me of Clinton’s finger-wagging denial of having “sexual relations with that woman.”

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty ~ Ronald Wilson Reagan

If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us ~ George H.W. Bush


Detroit Mayor Sex Scandal: The Unredacted Pager Messages

Unless you live in Michigan, you may not be aware of the scandals that have nearly destroyed the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. Here is his Myspace page. With the little I know about this guy, it baffles my mind that he is still in office.

Kwame has been a very naughty boy. He had a wild stripper party at the official Mayoral residence where he was being touched inappropriately by a sexual services provider. According to reports, his wife came home early, flipped the *blank* out, and started beating on Tamara Greene (AKA Strawberry), with a wooden object. Strawberry was murdered by a Detroit Police thug to quiet things down a bit.

There was also a little matter about a whistle-blower cover-up conspiracy and a text-messaging scandal. It seems that Kwame had a bit of trouble staying faithful to his wife. Under oath, the Mayor denied an ongoing affair with his then married chief of staff, Christine Beatty. Special K and Ms. B liked to communicate their lust for each other over city-owned pagers (Doh!). Charges are pending for both including: perjury, misconduct in office and obstruction of justice.

Johnnypeepers has obtained the unredacted transcripts of their love letters that were sent through the sky. If you do not like to put your nose in other people’s business, I suggest you direct your browser away from the rest of this post.

This is a text that Ms. Beatty’s then husband, Lou Beatty, sent to his wife desperately trying to rekindle the fire whose embers had already been snuffed out by Kwame (the overweight lover).

How is your day? It’s amazing how you can go out of town, come back refreshed and I immediately piss you off…, WRG socks, pan outsode, WRG paper towel. You had an attitude until KK [da Mayor] came over. Then you were smiling. Wish you smiled at me like that.

Evidently, Lou was not waxing and milking that thang properly. Of course, it is also possible that there was some sort of emotional detachment, I am not sure which. Suffice it to say that Lou had to usher forth his own seed during this time.

This next exchange involves Ms. Beatty pressuring Kwame to make her an honest woman. A heads up for the ladies – if a man is cheating on his old lady with you, expect the same treatment down the line. That bit of advice is free of charge.

Beatty to Mayor:

LOL! Nigga, I already claimed it! KCK 2012. You told me that you would be my boyfriend everyday until I was your wife. Are you renigging? [This word may be a neologism, I am not sure.]

Mayor to Beatty:

Hell no! Don’t start none. Won’t be none nigette! LOL [I suspect nigette may be a French term of endearment.]

This message bothered me a little bit. It is in response to Ms. Beatty telling the Mayor that her baby wanted to see him before they went to the dentist. One would assume that a man who is able to rise to the rank of Mayor of one of America’s largest cities would be able to discern between the use of the words “there” and “their.” I have been wrong before though.

Mayor to Beatty:

I enjoy that. I might be there stepdad one day.

This next communication really moved me. I believe that Ms. Beatty was falling deep in love with Kwame. In the next page, she is extolling all of the Mayor’s incredible virtues – especially his “love of family.” You know a broad is serious when she uses your full name.

Beatty to Mayor:

It is sometimes so amazing how much I love you. I can’t even describe most of the time how I feel inside when I think about you. You are an amazing man. Everything about you makes me love you. Your passion about life, your sense of humor, your presence [she likes em big], and your love of family. TBC

All those things and more make up the love of my life, Kwame Malik Kilpatrick. I have so much admiration and appreciation for you. You are like a dream [soon to be nightmare] in my life and I can’t believe sometimes our friendship is real.

The next message is somewhat sexually explicit. It seems that Kwame has sullied up the area around, and inside, Ms. Beatty’s vagina with his seminal fluid. The Mayor is worried that Ms. Beatty’s husband may suspect (rightfully) that another man has defiled his bride.

Mayor to Beatty

Everything is cool. Did you get busted? You were kind of wet last night, inside and out. LOL.

Ms. Beatty isn’t necessarily a prude, but she does not want to make the Mayor feel uncomfortable by initiating sodomy improperly. Sometimes men are repulsed by the thought of receiving fellatio, especially if the request isn’t worded timely and appropriately. Kwame advises Ms. Beatty on how to properly proceed in the future.

Beatty to Mayor:

I really wanted to give you some good head this morning and I didn’t know how to ask you to let me do it. I wanted to since Friday night when you asked me at the club.

Mayor to Beatty:

Next time, just tell me to sit down, shut up, and do your thing!

Beatty to Mayor:

I know, I’m sorry. I have done that before and I will do it again. I just didn’t want you to be turned off if you weren’t in the mood.

That is it for today’s Mayor Kwame pager chronicles. Stay tuned for plea bargaining and sentencing updates. R.I.P. Strawberry, your killers will be punished. Ms. Beatty, please stop wrecking homes. We have enough trifling man-stealers in this country as it is.

I think it’s absurd to assert that every woman that works with a man is a whore. I think it’s disrespectful not just to Christine Beatty but to women who do a professional job that they do every single day. And it’s also disrespectful to their families as well. ~ Kwame Kilpatrick


Sir Francis Bacon’s Message to Future Generations

Men are not animals erect, but immortal gods. The Creator has given us souls equal to all the world, and yet satiable not even with a world. Everything is possible to man. Time is young; gives us some little centuries, and we shall control and remake all things.

We shall perhaps at last learn the noblest lesson of all, that man must not fight man, but must make war only on the obstacles that nature offers to the triumph of man

It will not be amiss to distinguish the three kinds, as it were grades, of ambition in mankind. The first is those who desire to extend the power in their native country; which is kind of vulgar and degenerate. The second is of those whose labor extend the power of their country and its dominion among men; this certainly has more dignity, but no less covetousness. But if a man endeavor to establish and extend the power and dominion of the human race itself over the universe, his ambition is without doubt both a more wholesome thing and a nobler than the other two.

~ Sir Francis Bacon

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