In the interest of promoting universal human consciousness, and in recognition of our shared global traveler status, I began a project named Human Barrier Deconstruction. This is a forum for Individuals to write on topics related to their shared similarities with, or perceived differences from, their Earthly cohabitants.

My ultimate aim is to break down the false barriers and artificial mental constructs that humans use to compartmentalize and divide each other. No formal request is necessary if you wish to contribute. I highly encourage anyone who wishes to posit their thoughts for publication to notify me. My only request is that your words assist others in understanding who you are, and by extension, who we are.

Contributions to the Project

I. The first kind soul to assist me with my project is Di. She is from South America and is the author of the blog My Life as an Alien. Her writings concerning the cultural differences between her native country and her new home attracted my attention. As a new American citizen, her perspective is illuminating to those, like me, who take our nation’s prosperity, rights, and privileges for granted. Here is Di’s contribution.

II. This installment of Human Barrier Deconstruction honors an extremely gifted writer/blogger named Veronica Romm. As a young girl, Veronica, and members of her family, left Russia for the United States. Her blog is entitled Who Knew, and comes highly recommended. Her depth of understanding and insight into the human experience initially captured my attention. Veronica was very supportive of Johnny Peepers in the shaky leg days of Dillsnap Cogitations. For that I am eternally grateful. Here is her blog entry detailing her abandonment of the old life in exchange for the new.

III. Nono is a young Muslim-Sarawakian-Malay lady from Malaysia. She is a mechatronics engineering student studying at International Islamic University. Nono possesses many endearing and kind qualities. Her outlook on life is refreshing and innocent, while projecting a spirit of compassion and understanding beyond her years. I am very grateful to Nono for taking the time to write about her life, country, and views for this effort. Her personal blog is Nono Fara and features her incredible photographic skills.  Read Nono’s contribution to the project.

IV. Christine, the author of the cognition-provoking blog, all the elbows, was kind enough to posit her thoughts for my loosely defined initiative. I consider myself fortunate that Christine and I crossed Internet paths. She has a delicately poised light and darkness composition that mirrors my Earthly experience. I consider Christine a fellow universal consciousness enlightening traveler. Here are Christine’s thoughts on the project.

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    April 12, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Have you been saved?

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